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Our approach in ilikEvents.com is to offer a menu of services to everyone who wants to attend in any events of all sizes.

From corporate hospitality at public sporting and entertainment events through to customized programs that match the requirements of each individual audience and budget. We take pride in providing experiences that are not widely available to everyone and experiences that have never been experienced by anyone. Whether it's theme events, sport event, trade show, fair or exhibition, seminar, art event, festival, workshop, sightseeing tours, special interest tours, leisure tours, outdoor explorations, secretariat service, ilikEvents.com has the expertise to exceed all your expectations.

We work closely in partnership with the service suppliers in order to provide services that are customized for each event and can range from a simple registration to a full travel tour package and lots of professional services.

Here are some services which we can offer:

  •     Personalized servicing

  •     Extensive range of hotel accommodation and services all over the world especially in Iran

  •     Providing any necessary Visa's for all citizen from all over the world, especially providing Iran's Visa

  •     All kind of Transportation Tickets buying and booking: Flights, Trains, ...

  •     Car and coach rental

  •     On-site management

  •     Special interest tours

  •     Outdoor and team building activities

  •     Creative theme events

  •     Credit Card providing

  •     Apply for event registrations

 dedicated team of specialists can create innovative programmes and provide you with personalized service every step of the way.

Flight Services

When you are going to take a trip one of your essential requirements is your flight tickets which buying a ticket has a complicated story. Considering the high number of airlines that lead you to different flight routes to reach your destination, it is a challenging issue for you to buy the tickets which fits you the best.

There is so many destinations which have no direct flight route from your city so you need an expert to guide you in the right direction. Our experts in ilikEvents.com are able to check all of the available routes considering your travel period then suggest you the best route with an appropriate airline to make a brilliant trip for you. So let us organize your travel and you just enjoy.

In recent years, the flight booking segment of the travel sector has become increasingly competitive. Tour operators and websites are offering customers a wide range of options but when there is an event which is so popular it’s difficult for travelers to find an appropriate flight ticket.

As ever, at ilikEvents.com, we’ve developed a solution which allows travelers overcome this challenge. This solution will enable you to ask for a flight ticket for a particular date which is allocated to period of that special event. Just fill the request form and wait for our prompt reply with best proposals.

For participating in an event there is no need to wait for tour operators to announce registration of tour packages which are most of the time cancelled because of not fully filling the capacity of their packages and finally you loose the participation of your favorite event. You can ask only for flight tickets to all over the world for any time and we can cover your needs with our personalized services provided for you.

Flight Services

Hotel Services

The hotel booking process can be a complex and lengthy one. With a multitude of accommodation options in every destination, each offering various facilities, quality, pricing, and availability, the task of navigating through this maze can be extremely tough.

If you are someone who takes vacations that requires a hotel stay, or travels for business or your kids' sporting events or any kind of traveler, absolutely you may need to make a hotel reservation. By requesting for your hotel reservation on ilikEvents.com, you can ensure that your hotel meets your needs and expectations when you arrive. Do not forget to specify what amenities you need and where the event which you are attending will take place exactly. Hence, we can suggest you the best choice with the best rate.

Hotel reservation may look like having an easy procedure through online hotel booking websites but you can not make it for all over the world. Let's have an example. Hotels in Iran are not connected to such websites since their payment system is different and you can not use your credit cards to do your reservation. ilikEvents.com is the solution. You can just fill your request form and get your prompt reply with available hotels in your destination.

Hotel Services

Visa Services

ilikEvents.com offer a great solution in visa requirements. Our command of cutting-edge technologies affords us unrivalled travel management solutions for our clients, which include individuals traveling for pleasure, business accounts whose staff travel the globe, and any one who is going to attend in an event all over the world.

Our leadership and staff boast a broad range of talents - from skills and vast experience in the travel industry and information technology to an awareness that customer satisfaction is the key to our continued success.

So in case of any requirement of visa service our visa expert team can help. The sole responsibility of our consultants is to work closely with the embassies to expedite visas on behalf of the individuals. We have learned to navigate through the quagmire of bureaucracy. We enjoy very good working relationships with ALL consulates and embassies and are trained to walk you through ANY visa situation. While you do not have complete control of the actions and decisions of the embassies, consulates and other officials involved in the issuing process, we completely stand behind all actions over which we have ANY control. We consistently meet or exceed our goals and will do our very best to meet or exceed them for you.

Visa Services

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting is a universally difficult part of business development, and therefore the most common roadblock to growing your company. In most businesses no sale or buy will happen without first speaking directly with a prospect. If you can get in front of a prospect, surely, you can make the sale or get an exclusive representative certificate since you know how to persuade. Your success as an entrepreneur or sales person requires you to become a proficient appointment setter.

For local businesses being an appointment setter may not take too much energy since the possibility of availability is high most of the time and you have your own techniques. Speaking about international businesses, it gets a little harder to set an appointment directly with a prospect. You can easily outsource this task to ilikEvents.com as an appointment-setting service provider. Experts at ilikEvents.com accelerate career opportunities by bringing on sharp, tech savvy talent who are trained to be experts in B2B sales processes and systems. ilikEvents.com wish you all the best as you grow your business by setting more (and higher-quality) appointments.

Not only appointment setting is a hard-to-do task in business, also it is some-how complicated to set an appointment with your favorite celeb. Artists, actors, sport men and any famous person is difficult to reach and you may have no idea how to get in connection with their program managers to set an appointment with them or to participate in their practice time. Here in ilikEvents.com we verify, then qualify, and tee up an appointment or transfer, you just enjoy.

Appointment Setting

If you are interested in ilikevents services, please complete the online form below. Alternatively, send your request email to [email protected]
or fax it to us on +98-21-88492000.

There are other Visitors & Exhibitors Services which you may be interested in, such as: Hotel reservation / Appointment setting / Stand space reservation / Flight booking and many more.

Please specify what kind of services you are interested in.

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