Services for Exhibitors and Visitors

  • Consultation sessions for choosing the right trade fair to visit or exhibit.

    Since numerous specialized exhibitions exist in various cities, our professional advisors would provide guidance with respect to your goals and target market and according to your visit preference.

  • Space and stand rental for your desired exhibition, completing the online exhibition for stand construction.

  • Entrance tickets sales, sometimes at less expensive prices than the actual ones being sold at ticket outlets.

  • Providing confirmation on your presence in the trade fair.

    You may need these documents to be presented at the embassies for the visa purposes.

  • Visa application services


Trade Fair Services

  • Planning for visits of high ranking economic-commercial delegations and coordination with relevant organizations for official welcoming reception.

  • Arranging for appointments with trade fair participants for visiting delegations.

  • Holding training seminars in order to improve efficiency and professionalism of the stand attendants.

  • Planning for visits to plants and meeting with their managers.

  • Planning and holding for business meetings at stands during trade fairs, at trade fair center halls and the halls outside the trade fair.

  • Introducing competent accompanying interpreters during trade fairs and relevant seminars.

  • Introducing reliable and creditable stand manufacturers.

  • Introducing reliable and creditable companies for transportation of trade fair merchandise.



  • Flight ticket reservation airlines from creditable airlines which are required to attend any event.

  • Hotel reservation at reasonable prices.

  • Providing travelers Insurance policies issued.

  • Organizing trade fair tours without any cancelation as unfilled minimum capacity.

  • Introducing creditable foreign companies for any kind of formality services in trade fair cities.

  • Introducing creditable travel agencies in any destination for rendering tourist services required.

  • Providing international and local SIM cards.

  • Opening accounts for Silver and Gold VISA Cards.


Special Services

  • Company registration in Germany.

  • Trade mark registration in the European Union.

  • Organizing specialized courses in connection with acquiring international standard certificates.

  • Consultancy on how to acquire certificates, ISO standards and European standards (CE).

  • Organizing specialized courses on marketing and modern management techniques both in Iran and Germany taught by German professors and awarding internationally acknowledged certificates.

  • Providing specialized investment consultation with regards to competitors and similar goods available in the target markets of potential customers and delivering the latest developments and economic statuses of those markets.

  • Providing commercial consultations on how to enter Iran, Iraq and Azerbaijan markets.

If you are interested in Visitors & Exhibitors Services, please send your request email to [email protected]
or fax it to us on +98-21-88492000.

There are other Visitors & Exhibitors Services which you may be interested in, such as: Visa services / Hotel reservation / Appointment setting / Stand space reservation / Flight booking and many more.

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