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What's our mission

At ilikEvents.com, we aim to know everything about all kind of upcoming events such as business events, educational events, art events, sport events and cultural events. So we gather and manage all the necessary information we need in order to achieve this, i.e. events dates, events locations, events descriptions, events images, events news and etc. We try to know everything about events.







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How we can help you

We try to make ilikEvents.com as the first place where people turn to for upcoming event-related information.

By gathering, uploading, managing and maintaining all necessary information about the events, we enable our users to make the best decisions possible.

This is what our team of creative and focused minds wakes up for every day. We’ve banded together to build and maintain the most effective user-friendly Event Search Engine around, which users rely on.

At ilikEvents.com, we provide any required event-related services for you such as registration, visa application, hotel reservation, flight tickets, scheduling business appointments and any other requirements which you may need for participating in your favorite events.

Just join us and like your favorite events, then always be up to date about your events. Also you can find any other related events and share them with your friends and colleagues.

Be sure that you will never lose your favorite events any more and from now on, attending in the events are very simple, in minimum costs and maximum efficiency.

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Who we can help

Event Seekers

Nice to have you. Take a look at our 5-filter Event Search Engine to see how we can help to empower you to find your ideal event. With more than 2500 events, we have lots to choose from. You can add the events to your favorite events list and also share them with your colleagues, friends, family and loved ones.

Event Organizers

We’d love to have you. Feel free to suggest your event at no cost. Our platform will help you to increase your online impressions. We are ready and willing to improve and maintain your event’s information, to amuse more international visitors and exhibitors for you.

Service Providers

Having your cooperation make us grateful. Contact us to see what all the excitement is about. If you are an event-related service provider and looking forward to see your business take off, we’re here to collaborate and help make that happen. We’re also here for CRS Providers.

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Join us

We truly believe that everyone should live up to their full potential. We do not want to stand still. We develop further in all means and never stop exploring. Find your calling and discover where your passion lies. Take a look at our business operating areas:

Project Manager for Content – Event Reputation

We want ilikEvents to be the first place people turn to for event-related information and to achieve this we need to make sure that the event reputation content we display is...

Web Content Team Lead

Our Content team is responsible for collecting and presenting all the information our customers need to allow them choose their ideal events reply their requirements...


What we offer

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