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China International Fire & Emergency Expo (CFE) will be held 08 to 10 Nov 2017 in Shanghai, China.
China International Fire & Emergency Expo (CFE) will act as a radiation center of fire and emergency rescue products. Shanghai International Fire & Emergency Exp will be actively displaying the cutting-edge fire technology and fire products and providing a wholly new platform for building the good relationship between national fire organizations and emergency rescue associations with the countries and regions all over the world. The show will provide its exhibitors and visitors with the opportunity of finding the latest and most innovative products, networking, discovering the real needs of the market, evaluating their position in the international market, comparing the existing products with different qualities, evaluating the export /import opportunities and interacting with the market leader companies. China International Fire & Emergency Expo (CFE) is an event and I like events...

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Exhibitor Profile:

  • Building Fire Prevention Equipment
  • Fire Construction
  • Automatic Fire Alarm System
  • Fire Detection System
  • Network System of Fire Alarm Monitor in City
  • Automatic Sprinkler System
  • Spray Extinguishing,Foam and Dry Powder
  • Gas and Aerosol Extinguishing Device
  • Fire Doors, Shutter and Other Accessories
  • Fire-Protective Paint
  • Fire-Proof Sealing Material
  • Smoke Prevention and Ventilator Device
  • Fire Retardant Material


Fire Fighting Equipment:

  • Fire Engines, Fire Robots, Fire Aero craft, Fire Motorcycle,
  • Fire tank;
  • Fire Protective Equipment for Fire Motorcycle, Fire Tank
  • Fire pumps, Fire nozzle& Monitors
  • Fire Lighting equipment, Poison Prevention and Smoke
  • Evacuation System and Equipment
  • Fire Communication Commanding System, Extinguisher
  • and Bottled & Maintained Equipment
  • Fire Hose and its Accessories
  • Emergency Rescue Equipment
  • Rescue Equipment
  • Emergency Engineering
  • Safeguard Equipment
  • Communication System
  • Emergency Medical Equipment
  • Linkage Equipment for Disaster Detection

Why Visit Shanghai International Fire & Emergency Exp 2017?

  • In order to obtain information regarding the specialised products and services offered within the market, in one go and under the same roof.
  • In order to gain an overview of all of the specialised products and services offered within the market.
  • In order to discover the latest trends and new features, both in China and abroad, over a period of 3 days and at a single venue.
  • In order to initiate, continue and secure sales deals with the distribution channel present at the fair.
  • In order to build up a working network.
  • In order to arrange meetings with current and potential suppliers.
  • In order to strengthen trade links with current suppliers.
  • In order to analyze and test out the characteristics of the products and services of possible new suppliers in situ.
  • In order to boost your know-how and the application of technologies and services.
  • In order to compare the characteristics of all the specialised products and services on show, directly at the fair itself.
  • Shanghai International Fire & Emergency Exp 2017 constitutes a key tool for the retail sector when it comes to defining your image and the products and services you would like to aim at consumers.
  • In order to secure distribution agreements for products and services.
  • In order to obtain the information required in order to evaluate the possibilities of future participation as an exhibitor.

Visitor profile:

  • Manufacture
  • Operator
  • Retailer/Agent/Distributor
  • Research Institute/School
  • Contractor   
  • Media
  • End User

For further information please visit the official website at
Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)
2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area Shanghai P.R.C. 201204

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