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08 to 18 Feb 2018
10:00 to 18:00
Cadiz , Spain
Cadiz Various Venues

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Cadiz carnival will be held 08 to 18 Feb 2018 in Cadiz, Spain.
Cadiz carnival is one of the most extravagant parties that you can attend in Europe. This fast, exuberant burst of revelry and colour is centred on Shrove Tuesday, at the end of February or beginning of March, and it’s a celebration of life and excess. You can hear carnival music in any corner of the city, and the last touches are put to the fancy-dress costumes (in Cadiz they are known as tipos), some of them real works of art. The locals put their hearts and souls into what is one of the most eagerly awaited events in the city, and perhaps the most fun-filled and entertaining of all the Spanish carnivals. Compared with the spectacular nature of other carnival celebrations, the light-hearted fun and entertainment of the Carnival of Cadiz makes it a unique fiesta which is well worth getting to know. And there is no lack of other events during this time to ensure that the days of Carnival in Cadiz are complete. The whole city is involved. This is a perfect time to get to know it and to enjoy the inventiveness and sense of fun of the people of Cadiz. Cadiz carnival is an event and I like events...

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Why The Cadiz Carnival Is Special 2018?

  • Nearly all areas of Spain celebrate carnival, the period of roughly two weeks before Lent is a time of festivities without inhibitions or disguises.

  • Floats, music and general merry making before Ash Wednesday rolls around and puts an end to the fun.

  • The televised and world famous carnival of Cadiz, the Andalusian city and port on the Atlantic coast, is special for several reasons. It´s home to the oldest carnival on mainland Spain, only rivaled by the Carnival in Santa Cruz, Tenerife, on the Canary islands.

  • In the 16th century, Cadiz did a lively trade with Venice which brought knowledge of it’s carnival to Cadiz with the result, that a desire arose to imitate the glamorous event.


Dance, Music and Colors:

  • Music is as important as the songs performed by the choirs or chirigotas.

  • A unique mixture of flamenco, tango, pasodoble and folk music as well as South American rhythms can be enjoyed at every street corner.

  • There is even a place for classical music which is the specialty of the so called comparsas and jazz. Instruments are mostly drums and guitars.

  • Music, song and color are the essence of Cadiz´ carnival rather than outrageous glitz and barely any costumes like in Rio.

  • Any kind of costume will do and, unlike in Venice, masks aren´t worn often. Instead faces are painted if only with ample amounts of lipstick.


Cadiz Carnival Is Special 2018 Musical groups:

  • Chirigotas - These are humorous groups that perform satirical pieces about everything from politics to current events. 

  • Choirs - These groups of singers may be funny at times, serious at others. They tend to be out and about, entertaining people in the streets accompanied by stringed instruments. 

  • Comparsas - These are the most serious singers at the festival. They are known for their more classic musical talents and the more serious content of their songs. 

  • Quartets - They don't have to stick to the traditional four - but then, this is the carnival, after all. Time to break the rules! And they are most often accompanied by none other than a kazoo and the beating of sticks. 

  • Romanceros - These are the solo acts at that roam the streets to entertain visitors and locals alike.



One thing you’ll notice is that the costumes are a lot less showy than the ones you might see in Rio. In Cadiz, which has a reputation as the funniest town in Spain, the emphasis is on satire and cleverness and you’ll see plenty of politicians and clergy being mocked. You’ll have the most fun by joining in which is easy as wigs and hats are sold on every corner. Leave your self-consciousness behind and follow the crowds to find the best parties.

For further information, please visit the official website at www.andalucia.org.

Venue of Cadiz carnival

Cadiz Various Venues
Cadiz, Spain

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