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Vardavar will be held 28 Jul 2019 in Yerevan, Armenia.
Vardavar is one of most favorite, joyful noteworthy holidays and ancient festival in Armenia. What started as a Pagan festival, Vardavar, or the ‘World of Water Day’ happens country-wide in July, 14 weeks after the Christian Easter holiday. This festival is particularly popular with children who thoroughly enjoy the main activity – pouring buckets of water on people as a blessing and a sign of cleansing. While most visitors may not understand the significance, tourists generally appreciate the cool water as a much-needed respite from the scorching temperatures of the Armenian summer. The program will include church ceremony, fascinating performances by folk dance and songs ensembles, traditional national games, thematic pavilions of Vardavar, representing traditions of different regions, ritual dishes and artworks. Moreover, the musical performance by various popular ensembles and actors will introduce to the whole world the essence of Vardavar in its own way. Vardavar is an event and I like events...

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History of Vardavar:

Vardavar (or Vartavar) is one of few ancient Armenian festivals that have survived until present. Although now a Christian tradition, Vardavar’s history dates back to pagan times. The ancient festival is traditionally associated with the goddess Astghik, who was the goddess of water, beauty, love and fertility. The festivities associated with this religious observance of Astghik were named “Vartavar” because Armenians offered her roses as a celebration (“vart” means “rose” and “var” mean “rise”), thus it was celebrated during the harvest time. On this day people of all ages drench each other with water and rose petals.


Vardavar 2019 events:

  • The most remarkable and important tradition of Vardavar holiday is the ceremony of making the pigeons fly. The pigeons grown up during the whole year especially for Vardavar holiday were flying in the sky admiring the audience and especially their proud keeper-trainers.

  • Another very marvelous and interesting ceremony of Vardavar is the tradition of pouring water on each other, which is preserved till our times. From morning till night all the people both young and old, men and women, children and adults, friends and strangers, collect water in their pails and other pans and spill water on each other. Nobody is offended by. On that day, the people are merry, friendly and kind. For the children and teenagers this is the most expected and favorite holidays in the year.

  • Festival is dedicated to the Vardavar Holiday aiming to preserve national traditions. Great musical theatre is set to be performed by Armenian folk ensembles and actors, folk dances and songs are part of the festival. Opening ceremony of the pavilions dedicated to Vardavar Holiday will be organized on spot, which will include presentation of national traditions of celebrating Vardavar, exhibition of thematic handmade accessories, Armenian cuisine, etc.




Venue of Vardavar

Lovers Park
21 Marshal Baghramyan Ave, Yerevan 0019, Armenia

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