International Sand Sculptures Festival ( FIESA) will be held 10 Mar to 30 Oct 2018 in Pera, Portugal.
International Sand Sculptures Festival ( FIESA) is the largest sand sculpture exhibition ever built, held annually since 2003 in Pêra, Algarve, attracting thousands of visitors every year. The sand is hand-carved by a group of sculptors, of various nationalities, exploring different sculpting techniques, producing original pieces that stand out by their magnitude, technique and aesthetics. FIESA is regarded as the largest event of its kind in the world as it uses 40,000 tonnes of sand, covering 15,000m², with some sculptures reaching 12 metres in height, reproducing in amazing detail representations of people, objects and different scenarios. Each sculpted piece is accompanied by text to explain the sculpted elements and the exhibition is organized in thematic areas all interlinked, with areas dedicated exclusively to pop and rock, dance, circus, religion or children’s music. The festival features as well a series of activities related to sand sculpture, such as workshops and demonstrations on the art of sculpting, video projections, games and contests. The festival also includes a sand pit in which younger visitors can try their hand at this new form of artistic expression, restauration and leisure zones and periodically features live music, dance shows and circus arts. International Sand Sculptures Festival ( FIESA) is an event and I like events...

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Why International Sand Sculptures Festival (FIESA) 2018?

In International Sand Sculptures Festival (FIESA) visitors can see around hundred different sand scenes, inventively depicting, musicians, instruments and musical cultures from around the world. FIESA includes a playful and pedagogical dimension, with an area reserved for all those who would like to express their creativity by building sand sculptures. At night the exhibition pieces are lit-up to create unexpected angles and playful dimensions.


International Sand Sculptures Festival (FIESA) 2018 Activities & Program:

  • Sand Sculpture Activities - This is a space for sand sculpture activities, where adults, teens and children can experience and show their creative abilities in this form of artistic expression.
  • Video Projections – Every day during the evening, visitors can see the video projections of the construction of FIESA and slide shows of previous editions.
  • Special Days

For further information, please visit the official website at

Venue of International Sand Sculptures Festival ( FIESA)

Festival Internacional de Escultura em Areia ( FIESA)
EM 524, 8365-201 Pêra, Portugal

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