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06 to 14 Jul 2018
10:00 to 18:00
Pamplona , Spain
Pamplona Various Venues

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Festival of San Fermin will be held 06 to 14 Jul 2018 in Pamplona, Spain.
Festival of San Fermin is celebrated in Pamplona, in the region of Navarra, every year from the 6th to the 14th of July. They have become internationally known because of the running of the bulls, where the bulls are lead through the streets of the old quarter as far as the bull ring by runners. Every year, thousands of Pamploneses (people from Pamplona) and visitors, dressed from head to toe in the traditional immaculate white clothing with red handkerchiefs around their necks, fill the streets of Pamplona to celebrate the week of festivities in honor of San Fermin, although the religious aspect would seem to have taken on a secondary role over the last number of years. Nowadays, the fiestas are seen as a mass gathering of people from all the corners of the world and where the partying, the fun and the joy of it all are the most outstanding ingredients. The festival of San Fermin mixes a variety of contrasts: official and popular culture, religion and profanity, new and old, and order and chaos. The celebration kicks off with the launch of a rocket (el chupinazo) in the square of town hall at noon on July. Festival of San Fermin is an event and I like events...

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Festival of San Fermin (Running of the Bulls) history:

San Fermín originated as a week­long celebration to honor Saint Fermin, and actually blends three fiestas: the feast day of San Fermín, an ancient trade fair, and a bullfighting festival. Saint Fermín was said to have been dragged to death by bulls on the very same streets of Pamplona. Be careful not to meet the same end!

Since the 14th century, local locos (also known as Mozos) have run with the bulls. It all started when cattle herders “ran with the bulls” down narrow streets on the way to the markets. Mix in some Spanish bravado and a dose of showmanship, and the runs were transformed into a competition where herders would try to outrun the bulls and exhibit daring acts of bravery. The first official event occurred in 1591 on the 7th of July, and the rest, as they say, is history.




Festival of San Fermin (Running of the Bulls) 2018 Schedule:

  • The Encierro ... The Running of the Bulls
  • Chants to San Fermin
  • Rockets in the bullring
  • A fence of 3,000 parts
  • The role of the pastores
  • The dobladores
  • The two groups of mansos (bullocks)





  • Attend the Txupinazo rocket opening ceremony on July 6. This event is a wild party and festive opening not to be missed.
  • Dress the part. Bring white clothes and buy the traditional red sash and red bandana there. You might end up with a wine stain or two. In fact, someone may pour some sangria (it’s likely red wine and Coca­ Cola) on you if you’re looking too pristine.
  • Just want to watch? The best place is from a balcony. Make friends or book well in advance.
  • Want to run? Study the course. Extra caution is urged on course bottlenecks Dead Man’s Corner and the entrance to the Bull Ring. Be rested and sober, wear good shoes and run fast. These will all maximize your chances against being trampled by a bull, but it’s still up to the bulls if they catch you.
  • Join in to sing “Pobre de Mi” on July 14. This nostalgic song sung in a candlelit ceremony is the perfect close to this exhilarating festival.






Venue of Festival of San Fermin

Pamplona Various Venues
Pamplona, Navarre, Spain

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