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15 to 21 Jan 2018
10:00 to 18:00
Kalibo , Philippines
Kalibo Various Venues

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Ati-Atihan will be held 15 to 21 Jan 2018 in Kalibo, Philippines.
Ati-Atihan is one of the greatest, most colorful and fun festivals. It's nickname, 'The Filipino Mardis Gras' and takes place the 3rd weekend in January every year in Kalibo, Aklan, Panay Island. The name Ati-Atihan means 'make-believe Atis. ' It has been known as the wildest among Philippine fiestas. The Ati-Atihan is a festival in honour of the Santo Niño. During the last three days of this week-long festival (fiesta), a parade is characteristic. A colourful happening with celebrants who paint their faces in many different ways and who are dressed in the most outstanding costumes. Filipinos are known for their gracious hospitality worldwide, but this festival allows us a glimpse of another facet of these devout and thoughtful people: their wild and playful side. This immersive celebration will have you dancing, drinking, and connecting with the locals in a way that you’ll feel as if you’ve found a new family. After the festivities, the party continues onto the gorgeous nearby island of Boracay where you can get a cheap beach massage and once sobered up, some of the best scuba diving in the world. Ati-Atihan is an event and I like events...

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Ati-Atihan 2018 Colorful Beyond Comprehension:

Above all, Ati-Atihan is a nine-day exhibition of costume and dance. Soot-black painted faces, feather headdresses, and animal bones create an arresting visual impression.

Drumming and dancing break out at dawn and continue on until the festival ends three days later at a masquerade ball.  A mass outdoor procession follows a sacred image of Santo Niño from the Kalibo Cathedral to Pastrana Park. By early afternoon, even reluctant residents come out in their soot-covered best. The street dancing called sadsad is such a spectacle of downright exuberance that it seems a more apropos name would be happyhappy. In the evening, the infamous masquerade ball romps through the night, while thousands of people show up for the closing event, an atmospheric torchlight procession honoring the Santo Niño.


Ati-Atihan 2018 Tips:

  1. Don’t miss the masquerade ball. The creativity and color of the traditional costumes are matched only by Brazil’s Carnival and Papua New Guinea’s Mt Hagen Cultural Festival.

  2. Stay for the final day. The highlight of the festival takes place on the last day when groups don their most bizarre costumes and perform choreographed dances in an effort to get the crowd's attention.               

  3. Stay an extra week. Check out the sister festival of Dinagyang on a neighboring island, or use Kalibo as a jumping off point to the famed holiday island of Boracay.

For further information, please visit the official website at kalibo.org.

Venue of Ati-Atihan

Kalibo Various Venues
Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines

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