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09 to 12 Aug 2018
10:00 to 18:00
New Alresford , England
New Alresford Various Venues

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BoomTown Fair will be held 09 to 12 Aug 2018 in New Alresford, England.
BoomTown Fair is a music and arts festival held near Winchester in England, It is one of the UK's most popular new festivals and for good reason. Much like Burning Man, BoomTown's carnivalized municipality relies heavily on its participants to use their ingenuity to create the architecture and celebration. Audience-produced festivals are the rage and that's no surprise in our peer-to-peer digital era. Coined one of UK’s wildest immersive festivals, BoomTown Fair is a gripping concoction of utopian community living mixed with a spectrum of music and immersive theatrics. Organizers literally create a pop-up city where thousands of people from all corners of the world become residents of this fantasy world, where abnormality is the norm and eccentricity is embraced. For four days and four nights, BoomTown residents dance to a multitude of musical genres – like reggae, deep house, bluegrass, techno, electro-swing, and jazz – in nine themed districts, all while dressed in colorful, imaginative outfits. BoomTown Fair is an event and I like events...

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One Town, Nine Districts in BoomTown Fair 2018:

The city is split into nine musical districts, which feature different themes to stimulate your curiosity and senses.


  1. Barrio Loco is a district of Latino celebration and brings the best in hip-hop, bass, garage and house.
  2. ChinaTown’s lively atmosphere is enhanced by energetic ska and punk music.
  3. Mayfair Avenue is bourgeoisie, in a good way. If you want a little taste of high-society living sprinkled with electro-swing and jazz beats, visit this district.
  4. OldTown is a district sporting a 18th century Pirates of the Caribbean vibe.
  5. TrenchTown hosts citizens who share a love for reggae music.
  6. DSTRKT 5 is a futuristic, post-apocalyptic district where heavy bass, drum-n-bass, techno, and jungle music rule the night.
  7. Wild West is the land where bluegrass, folk, and hillbilly music dominate the soundscape.
  8. Whistlers Green provides BoomTown visitors a retreat from the all the fair's madness. Lush grass fills the space where a soothing massages are a hop and skip away from a plethora of creative workshops.
  9. Kidztown! is a place for little Boomers. This island hide-away brims with youthful performances, arts-and-crafts workshops, and plenty of opportunities for monkeying around.


BoomTown Fair 2018 Costumes and Outfits Encouraged:

The magic of each district can only be fully felt if each resident participates. Festival-goers may choose the district in which they camp, and should wear appropriate attire corresponding to the district’s theme. After all, BoomTown is a fully-immersive experience, and dressing for the occasion enhances not only your visit, but those of fellow citizens around you.So don your eye patch for OldTown or steampunk apocalyptic coat for DSTRKT 5 and get into it!



  • Circus of Boom If you can’t wait to trek the streets of BoomTown, consider a warm-up party. The Circus of Boom series hosts themed parties to Bristol. Here, you can taste a bit of magic from each district.

  • Boomtique-ing is the new glamping From tipis to yurts, and podpads to Kushti cabins, Boomtique Village has everything you need for upscale and luxurious festing. Click here for more details.

  • Plan it out Dedicate two to three district visits a day if you want to fully experience BoomTown. The festival has plenty of nooks and crannies waiting for your discovery.

  • Pack it out Embrace the principle of Burning Man and leave no trace. Make sure to take what you brought in as you leave midday on Monday. The estate is home to cows, and after all, you don’t want to be littering someone else’s home.



For further information, please visit the official website at www.boomtownfair.co.uk.

Venue of BoomTown Fair

New Alresford Various Venues
New Alresford, Alresford, Hampshire, England

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