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09 to 12 Jul 2018
10:00 to 18:00
Tehran , Iran
Tehran International Exhibition Centre

Tehran CERAFAIR Exhibition services

Tehran CERAFAIR will be held 09 to 12 Jul 2018 in Tehran, Iran.
Tehran CERAFAIR is the international exhibition of tile and ceramic being held by the Iranian ceramic producers syndicate, parallel to its qualitative and quantitative growth and development that occurred in the tile and ceramic industry in Iran. This exhibition has also enjoyed considerable growth and has moved step by step along with the growth of the country’s production and exports. The approach of Iranian ceramic producers syndicate in holding the exhibition has been based on export promotion, development of domestic products instead of imports, empowerment of companies, making available the chains of production like machinery,spare parts and material suppliers and finally a place for competition with high quality products, in order to respond to the needs of consumers positively. Tehran CERAFAIR is an event and I like events...

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Introduction of Iranian tile and ceramic industry:

The production of tiles in Iran until 1960 was done manually in small workshops; however, after the spread of urbanization, and the necessity of responsiveness to the needs of the growing consumption of housing and buildings sphere, the advent of technologies of mass production and existing of basic possibilities of the production such as raw material, energy, workforce and the more importantly the long-standing in the production of tile and ceramic, caused a great welcome for the mass production and automation of tile In 1960,Then the first industrial units with annual production capacity 110,000 square meters in the year, was utilized in 1960. By establishment of this factory, the production of the machine made tiles began and according to the available information contained in the interval 1960 to 1978, the production volume of tile reached 12 million sq. m. per year and after the 1979, the nominal capacity of existing units and under construction improved increasingly. The growth of Iranian tile and ceramic industry during (1960-2000) balanced growth and matches the needs of the domestic requirements and the possible export of this industry. With the Approval of the Third Social-Economic Development Plan, the creation of facility of investment and formation of foreign exchange reserves by the government was started in 2001.the Investment for construction of the new units, with the issuance of the agreements by the Ministry of industries and bank foreign exchange facilities payment network was started. In these years more than 900 million sq. m. of establishment license issued. At present,   the installed capacity of machinery for the production in all factories in Iran reached over 600 million sq. m. per year. The Iranian tile and ceramic industry with more than 120 manufacturers, and using the latest technology and specialized workforce for production of wall tile, floor tile, the porcelain and granite tile with variety of designs and sizes is among the first five countries in the world; in respect to the capacity of production.

Venue of Tehran CERAFAIR

Tehran International Exhibition Centre
Chamran Hwy, District no. 3, Tehran, Iran

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