Agribex will be held 03 to 08 Dec 2019 in Brussels, Belgium.
Agribex is one of the biggest agricultural fairs in Europe and it is the International Fair for Agriculture, Stockbreeding, Garden, Parks and Green areas. with the passing years, into a unique event where farmers, contractors, representatives of the supply industry, government representatives and the general public are meeting each other. Agribex is the most important agricultural show and it is a unique platform for the entire agriculture sector. At Garden Expo Belgium, manufacturers from the agriculture, breeding and green space industries present their latest products Agribex is an event and I like events...

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Zones of Agriculture Expo Brussels 2019:

  • Agriculture:
    • This zone features all aspects of machinery: tractors, handling, conditioning, transport, from tilling equipment to harvesting and storage equipment, irrigation and drainage, parts and components, and IT products.

  • Stockbreeding:

    • This zone is dedicated to equipment and techniques necessary in the management of cattle, pig and poultry farming. Milking equipment, feeding equipment, animal health, hygiene, surveillance and control of the animals, buildings, pollution control equipment for animal farms are products and equipment specific to pig and poultry farms, IT products. Last but not least, this zone hosts the companies specialized in genetics and the popular animal exhibition and stockbreeding competition.

  • Garden and Green Areas:

    • This zone features equipment, IT products and techniques necessary for the development and maintenance of gardens, parks, forests, green areas and sports ground.


Themed Areas in Stockbreeding Fair Belgium:

  • Smart Farming:

    • With ‘Smart Farming,’ precision agriculture is taken to the next level. This enables the proper handling of plants and animals at exactly the proper times and on the smallest possible scale (including dealing with the individual plant or animal).

    • This requires a perfect integration of different technologies and intelligence (data, decision-making algorithms, software).

    • The technological development of sensors of all kinds has in large part contributed to this evolution and will increasingly make farm management duties considerably easier in the future.

  • Feed the Future:

    • Animal husbandry will also be faced with increasingly stringent environmental requirements in the future and the impact of livestock feeding methods will be more important in farm management.

    • At the Feed the Future themed area, the spotlight will be on various topics that the livestock industry will face in the next ten years.

  • Workshop Live:

    • The agricultural machinery industry is constantly looking for well-trained technicians. ‘Workshop Live’ themed area wants to demonstrate to youth how rewarding the job of mechanic in the agricultural sector can be.

  • Garden Passion:

    • In the ‘Garden Passion’ themed area, you can get to know everything about the gardening industry. In this themed area, the gardening industry will focus its attention on a specific audience.

For further information, please visit the official website at

Venue of Agribex

Brussels Expo
Place de Belgique 1, 1020 Bruxelles, Belgium

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