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Fatemeh Rayatizad | Created on Tuesday, 19 January 2016
28 Sep to 13 Oct 2017
10:00 to 18:00
Vancouver , Canada
Vancouver Various Venues

Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) travel services

Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) Exhibition services

Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) will be held 28 Sep to 13 Oct 2017 in Vancouver, Canada.
Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) both in terms of admissions and number of films screened (144,000 and 349 respectively) VIFF is among the five largest film festivals in North America. Festival's team screen films from more than 70 countries on nine screens, including the pick of the world’s top film fests and many undiscovered gems.Three main programming platforms make festival unique: screen one of the largest selections of East Asian films outside of that region, Festival's team are one of the biggest showcases of Canadian film in the world and have a large and vibrant nonfiction program. Attracting a large, attentive and enthusiastic audience the festival remains accessible, friendly and culturally diverse. As the critics say, VIFF is very much a festival “designed for the benefit of people who love films and people who make them. Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) is an event and I like events...

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Sections of Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) 2017:


  • Canadian Images

One of the largest showcases of new Canadian cinema on the planet and a true point of pride for VIFF. This series is also home to the BC Spotlight, which focuses on the best and brightest of our homegrown talent.


  • Canadian Images Shorts

Carefully curated short film programs showcase both established Canadian filmmakers and emerging artists we’ll be seeing more from in the future.


  • Cinema of Our Time

A spectacular showcase of narrative films from around the globe featuring both today’s masters and tomorrow’s visionaries.


  • Dragons & Tigers: The Cinemas of East Asia

For more than 25 years, VIFF has presented one of the world's largest and most adventurous collections of East Asian cinema.


  • Spotlight on France

VIFF honours the rich cinematic culture that continues to flourish in France by highlighting the nation’s finest big-screen offerings.


  • Nonfiction Features

Acclaimed documentary and essay films that expand the form's possibilities and invite us to view the world in different lights.


  • Arts & Letters

A cinematic celebration of visual and performing arts with a strong focus on captivating films in which music takes centre stage.


  • Altered States

This is where international genre films come out to play. A selection of fantastic cinema that defies ready classification.


  • International Shorts

VIFF introduces you to exceptional international artists who push short-form storytelling to its limits.

For further information, please visit the official website at www.viff.org.

Venue of Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF)

Vancouver Various Venues
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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