Drupa will be held 16 to 26 Jun 2020 in Dusseldorf, Germany.
Drupa is a leading print media fair that is home to pre press and pre-media products and services, printing products, post press and paper converting materials and equipment, paper and substrates, inks and consumables, software services and products, components and infrastructure products and services and other print media products. With the help of modern technologies and new solutions, the event highlights the themes of packaging production, printing, functional printing, multichannel, 3d printing and green printing, thereby improvising the print and media industry. Drupa is unique: In its size, its range on offer and its mass appeal. The most important international event in the print industry by far offers you an exclusive, eleven-day day platform for innovative print and cross-media solutions, future technologies and industry applications. Drupa is an event and I like events...

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Drupa 2020:

Drupa is unique: In its size, its range on offer and its mass appeal. The most important international event in the print industry by far offers you an exclusive, eleven-day day platform for innovative print and cross-media solutions, future technologies and industry applications.
Drupa 2020 is restructuring itself: Technologies of the future, growth sectors and highlighted topics form the focus for the leading international trade fair for print and cross-media solutions.

That is not all: More than 120 exhibitors from Drupa 2012 presented their solutions in the area of packaging printing. And especially for the international trade press, there was a press conference on the 12th of May which addressed the new focus of Drupa.

Drupa future visions:

It is already clear today – physical and digital technologies as well as offline and online worlds are growing closer and closer together. Future Visions is our special offer to all of those who are already dealing with early-stage developments of the industry. Numerous special shows and events provide you with new ways of thinking and perspectives for your business. Let yourself be inspired by innovative ideas and groundbreaking solutions.

Product Categories in Drupa 2020:

Prepress and Premedia
  • Publishing software
  • Software for packaging prepress
  • Workflow and data handling software
  • Software for multimedia
  • Encoding and identification software and equipment
  • Input devices
  • Output devices
  • Equipment & systems for printing forme production
  • Colour matching systems

  • Sheet-fed offset printing machines
  • Web-fed offset printing machines
  • Flexographic printing machines
  • Letterpress machines
  • Gravure printing machines
  • Hybrid printing machines (combination of methods)
  • Digital printing machines and digital printing systems
  • Screen printing machines
  • Pad / Tampon printing machines
  • Printing machines and systems for special printing
  • Peripheral equipment
  • Rollers, cylinders and sleeves

Postpress and Paper Converting
  • Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • Paper converting for stationery
  • Paper converting equipment for the paper industry
  • Paper converting equipment for the packaging industry
  • Paper converting equipment for hygiene products
  • Paper converting equipment for technical paper products
  • Machines for the production of die-cutting formes
  • Encoding and identification systems

Paper and substrates
  • Graphic paper - web printing paper
  • Graphic paper - cut-size paper
  • Paper, cardboard and board for packaging
  • Tissue
  • Paper, cardboard and board for technical and special products
  • Films / foils
  • Other substrates

Inks and Consumables
  • Offset printing inks
  • Flexographic printing inks
  • Gravure printing inks
  • Screen printing inks
  • Toners and inks
  • Coatings / Varnishes
  • Chemicals
  • Anti-setoff powder
  • Printing formes / Coating formes / Embossing formes
  • Printing blankets, packing materials and sleeves
  • Dampening solution additives & printing aids
  • Washing agents & maintenance products
  • Adhesives and glues
  • Bookbinding materials
  • Embossing and laminating materials
  • Encoding and identification materials
  • Photographic materials
  • Conveyor belts and tapes
  • Anti-Marking solutions

Components and Infrastructure
  • Network systems
  • Room climate & conditioning
  • Extraction and ventilation systems
  • Waste removal and recovery systems
  • Conveyor and transportation systems
  • Archiving and documentation
  • Measuring and testing equipment
  • Measuring and testing tools
  • Spare parts, wearing parts and lubricants
  • Control, feed-back control and drive technology
  • Paper handling, machines for sheet, reel and pile
  • Sound insulation
  • Knives & grinding machines
  • Light sources for reproduction techniques
  • Ink milling and mixing machines
  • Ink agitators and mixers
  • Ventilation systems (central compressed air supply)
  • Expanding shafts and couplings

Services and Software
  • Address services
  • Basic and further training
  • Consulting services
  • Image archives and image data bases
  • Data processing services
  • Print services providers
  • Printing forme producers
  • e-commerce for the printing industry
  • Financial services & insurance services providers
  • Research and development
  • Used machinery dealers
  • Mailing and postal services providers
  • Machine transportation and machine mounting
  • Software
  • Industrial associations and professional organizations
  • Certification, testing and standardization
  • Embossing forme manufacturing


  • Applications for printed electronics
  • Applications for nanotechnology
  • Trade and technical literature, technical dictionaries
  • Trade press, trade magazines
  • Trade directories

New highlights of Drupa 2020 for more attention:

The print and media industry is changing. New technologies are establishing themselves. With the highlight themes of print, functional printing, packaging production, multichannel, 3D printing and green printing, Drupa is responding to this change and is opening up new visitor target groups with state-of-the-art technologies and new solutions.

314,500 experts – 130 countries – 79% decision makers

Drupa offers quality and quantity: TOP management, decision makers and trade visitors from a wide range of industries and applications

New markets - New target groups
Drupa is the global plattform for innovations. This is the place where future-oriented publishing, print and media professionals meet creative, innovative technology companies and connect with visionary strategists - don't miss drupa's largest special show!

Proven concept - what makes the Drupa so successful:
  • Innovative young companies use Drupa as a platform for the international print and publishing industry.
  • Drupa exhibitors can enhance their presence at the Drupa by highlighting product innovations.
  • Creative start-ups as well as important market leaders, leading technology businesses, but also new software companies - this combination is what makes the Drupa so successful.
3000 m2 future Drupa in Hall 7.0 has been conceptually segmented into six theme parks, where companies can present their innovations at stands of 6, 9 or 12 square metres.
Drupa's own stand design provides visitors with orientation and directs them to the ground-breaking participants at Drupa.

Messe Düsseldorf this way!
The fastest connections, the shortest routes, the best hotels and lots more - we’ve compiled some interesting information for you to help you prepare your trip to Düsseldorf at your leisure.
Düsseldorf means "fascination of variety". A mix of Rhenish charm and sophisticated elegance makes the city irresistible. Thus, it is no wonder that Düsseldorf has repeatedly been elected one of the cities with best quality of life worldwide.

For further information, please visit the official website at www.drupa.com.

Venue of Drupa

Messe Dusseldorf
Pallenbergstraße 23, 40474 Düsseldorf, Germany

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