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12 to 15 Feb 2019
10:00 to 18:00
Moscow , Russia
Crocus Expo

Aqua-Therm Moscow Exhibition services

Aqua-Therm Moscow will be held 12 to 15 Feb 2019 in Moscow, Russia.
Aqua-Therm Moscow is the largest professional exhibition in Russia in the industry of heating, water supply, engineering and plumbing systems, air-conditioning, ventilation and equipment for pools, saunas and spas and the key business platform for demonstration of the latest industry novelties of international and Russian manufacturers. Aqua-Therm Moscow is your gateway to the Russian HVAC & POOL market. The show has established itself as an annual platform for displaying Building automation systems, fittings and valves, gas supply, heating technologies, installation equipment and accessories, tools, insulating materials, measuring, control and regulating systems, pipes and pipelines, pumps, sanitary technology and equipment, ventilation and air-conditioning, water and waste-water technology, water treatment, pools and equipment. Aqua-Therm Moscow is an event and I like events...

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Why we should attend Aqua-Therm Moscow?

Aqua-Therm Moscow is an international b2b benchmark event for the HVAC & Pool market players. As an exhibitor of the largest and best-attended industry exhibition in Russia and CIS your company will have a unique opportunity to open the highly prospective market and grow your sales.
Network with decision makers from public and private sectors, generate leads and conduct business with over 27 000 local distributors, wholesalers, dealers, manufacturers, engineering, construction, housing and property companies at one not-to-be missed place.

  •        Present the latest products to the industry
  •       Generate new sales leads
  •       Strengthen ties with existing customers
  •       Obtain information about the latest industry developments


Exhibition Profile Aqua-Therm Moscow:


Heating and water supply

  •     Automatic Control Systems
  •     Bathroom accessories
  •     Burners and Boilers
  •     Energy and Gas Supply
  •     Environment, water quality and control equipment
  •     Fittings and valves
  •     Heating technologies
  •     Pipes and pipelines
  •     Pumps
  •     Sanitary technologies and equipment
  •     Thermal accessories
  •     Water and waste-water technologies

Climate control equipment

  •          Air conditioners
  •          Air ducts
  •          Air filters and purification
  •          Compressors
  •          Fans humidifiers, dehumidifiers
  •          Refrigeration supply and equipment
  •          Ventilation

World of water and spa

  •         Aqua park equipment
  •         Building and finishing materials for swimming pools
  •         Chemical products for swimming pools
  •         Mini saunas
  •         Mini swimming pools
  •         Phyto barrels·         Proportioning pumps
  •         Saunas
  •         Sauna and spa equipment
  •         Swimming pools
  •         Swimming pool equipment
  •         Water purifiers
  •         Whirlpools


 Why we should visit Aqua-Therm Moscow Expo?

  • Aqua-Therm Moscow is the largest international b2b HVAC & Pool exhibition in Russia and CIS.
  • As a visitor you will find, try and source the well-known and new brands’ products presented by over 750 global and local manufacturers, distributors, trading companies and engineering services providers.
  • Advanced business programme, practical exhibitor seminars and live product demonstrations on each of the four days of the show will definitely satisfy your interest and let you make the right purchase decision for the upcoming season.


Visitor target groups of Aqua-Therm Moscow Expo 2018:

  •         Distributors, wholesalers and retailers of the HVAC & Pool products
  •         Managers and specialists of engineering and construction companies
  •         Energy providers, sanitary and heating appliances facility managers
  •         Technicians in cooling, heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, bathrooms, pools, saunas and refrigeration equipment
  •         Manufacturers, safety technicians, specialists in assessment and certification, logisticians
  •         Oil and gas production and processing companies
  •         Administration bodies for public institutions

For further information, please visit the official website at http://www.aquatherm-moscow.ru/en/Home/.

Venue of Aqua-Therm Moscow

Crocus Expo
MKAD, Krasnogorsk, Moscow Oblast, Russia

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