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09 to 13 Oct 2018
10:00 to 18:00
Bursa , Turkey
Bursa International Fair and Congress Center

Bursa Agriculture Fair (BurTarim) Exhibition services

Bursa Agriculture Fair (BurTarim) will be held 09 to 13 Oct 2018 in Bursa, Turkey.
Bursa Agriculture Fair (BurTarim) is one of the largest agricultural fairs in the Middle East and covers the full range of the agricultural sector. It is a great way to get an overview of the latest innovations and trends provided for the sector and to exchange views with experts from the industry. Bursa international agriculture, seed raising, saplings and dairy industry fair and Bursa international stock breeding and equipment fair prepared by Tuyap Bursa fairs organization inc. in cooperation with Tarmakbir the Turkish association of agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturers, with the support of the republic of turkey ministry of food, agriculture and livestock, the union of Turkish chambers of agriculture, the central union of Turkish agricultural credit cooperatives, the chamber of agricultural engineers, Bursa commodity exchange, Bursa provincial food, agriculture and animal husbandry department, Bursa chamber of agriculture, the chamber of agricultural engineers Bursa branch, cattle breeder’s association of Bursa, Kosgeb, Bursa metropolitan municipality and Bursa chamber of commerce and industry will be organized at tüyap Bursa international fair and congress center - Bursa, turkey. Bursa Agriculture Fair (BurTarim) is an event and I like events...

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Bursa Agriculture and Stock Breeding Fairs organized in Bursa, being an important city with its agricultural resources, fertile soil and high production capacity in our country which is increasing its agricultural production took place in a total of 70,000 square meter grounds consisting of 40,000 square meters of indoor in 7 separate halls and 30,000 square meters of outdoor space with the participation of 526 firms and firm representatives from 25 countries; and hosted more than 270.000 visitors from 41 countries including Turkey and from 78 provinces of Turkey.

The sales amount of nearly TRY 500 million realized during the visit hours of the fair by our participant firms considerably reassured the sector.

Bursa Agriculture and Stock Breeding Fairs are the Sole Events Appealing to 7 Climate Zones in All Agricultural Fairs Organized in our Country. 

Fairs Spread through Wide Areas.

99% of the visitors have positive aspect about the fair and they declared that they will visit the next edition of BURSA AGRICULTURE, Bursa International Agriculture, Seed Raising, Saplings and Dairy Industry Fair and BURSA INTERNATIONAL STOCK BREEDING AND EQUIPMENT FAIR.

Being one of the biggest chain of TÜYAP agricultural fairs in terms of the number of visitors and area of square meters, Bursa Agriculture and Stock Breeding Fairs aim to attract visitors from more than 50 countries, particularly Albania, Algeria, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, France, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Holland, India, Iraq, Iran, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Morocco, Japan, Jordan, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Korea, Spain, Sudan, The United Kingdom, Tajikistani, Tunisia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, USA and Uzbekistan. Approximately 2000 shuttles will be arranged to transport enthusiasts and professionals from all regions in Turkey. These organizations are aimed at establishing business relations between farmers and corporate representatives trading agricultural mechanization equipment, agricultural and stock breeding devices and firms participating at the fair.  This data indicates that the fairs outstretch over a wider area, going beyond the country borders.

Bursa Agriculture:

  • Agricultural Mechanization and Technologies
  • Agricultural, Greenhouse Technologies
  • Water and Irrigation Systems
  • Droppings, Agricultural Medicines
  • Seed, Seedling, Sapling and Horticulture, Floriculture and Concerned Technologies
  • Ecological Agriculture,  Farming and Other Equipments and Services for Agriculture and  The Greenhouse and Viticulture, Winemaking Technologies
  • Agro Informatics
  • Milk and Dairy Product

VISITOR PROFILE of Bursa Agriculture Fair 2018:

  • Agricultural Machinery Industry
  • Tractor and Supply Industry
  • Drip Irrigation Equipment  Manufacturing
  • Manufacture of Fertilizers and Pesticides
  • Fertilizers and pesticides Dealer
  • Seeds, Seedlings, Saplings, Flowers Manufacturer
  • Agricultural Consulting Firm
  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Agricultural Consultants
  • Livestock Breeding
  • Milking Machines and Equipment
  • Rubber and Sealing Industry
  • Animal Production Machinery Manufacturing
  • Veterinary Services
  • Fodder, Feed Additives and Feed Raw Materials
  • Education Establishments – Students
  • Advertising Sector
  • Governors, District Governors
  • Tourism Companies, Hotel, Shopping Center, Business Center etc.

For further information, please visit the official website at www.burtarim.com.

Venue of Bursa Agriculture Fair (BurTarim)

Bursa International Fair and Congress Center
Altınova Mahallesi, Fuar Caddesi 25 / 1 16250, Osmangazi Bursa

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