Mineral, Fossil & Gem Asia

22-25 Jun 2017
Hong kong , Hong Kong
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)

This event has ended
Mineral, Fossil & Gem Asia is a comprehensive trade fair that will offer a variety of rough and polished gemstones, fossils, decorative and ancient stones, art pieces and rough, loose, half & full finished mineral products. The show serves as international trading platform for Suppliers and buyers from various fields, such as geology, mineralogy, architecture, interior design, art gallery, museum, loose gem traders. As well, private collectors and people from other fields of interest will also enjoy this exposition. This trade is organised by UBM Asia in Hong Kong. UBM Asia expands its series of professional trade fairs with the launch of Mineral, Fossil & Gem Asia Trade Fair, which provides players in the mineral and rough gemstone trade a springboard to expand their business widen their networks and gather the latest market intelligence. Hong Kong is easily accessible for all because of its status as a duty-free port, which is a boon for the global trade. Mineral, Fossil & Gem Asia is an event and I like events...
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Dinosaur Fossils, Finest Nature Arts coming to Hong Kong:

At the  Mineral, Fossil & Gem Asia Trade Fair , the fair organizer will bring you not only the rare mineral specimens but also invaluable dinosaur fossils – Allosaurus atrox & Suuwassea emilieae from upper and late Jurassic Strata as well as Tyrannosaurus Rex – King Kong from Maastrichtian ages. In addition, a 3-dimensional model of the Thermopolis Archaeopteryx specimen, the first of its kind, will also be displayed. This fair is definitely a “must-attend” event for mineral and fossil lovers!

Why Exhibit at Asia Gem and Fossil Exhibition 2017?

Join the over 100 international companies exhibiting at the Mineral, Gem & Fossil Asia to meet traders, geologist, paleontologist, archaeologist, curators, educators, designers and private collectors from various fields including geology, mineralogy, architecture, interior design, art gallery, museum & loose gem traders.
  • Right Time ‧Right Place
Mineral, Gem & Fossil Asia provides a timely opportunity for global mineral lovers to source the natural, rare and ancient art pieces at the event. Hong Kong is easily accessible for all buyers and private collectors coming from all over the world and its status as a duty-free port is a boon for the minerals trade. Zero duty to any mineral and rough gem goods can be flown in and out of the city freely. This is an advantage for everyone and it encourages worldwide trade in making the prices of goods more competitive.
  • Effective Networking Platform
UBM Asia has over 30 years of proven record in organising international exhibitions. Mineral, Gem & Fossil Asia is empowered by the same organising team of the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair and will provide players in the mineral and rough gemstone trade a springboard to expand their business, widen their networks and gather the latest market intelligence.

Exhibits Profile Fossil and Mineral Fair Hong Kong:

  • Gem 
    • - Rough gems
    • - Semi Precious stones 
  • Mineral
    • - Crystal
    • - Meteorites
    • - Minerals
    • - Quartz
    • - Rough minerals  
  • Fossil
    • - Ammonites
    • - Artifacts
    • - Bones / Skeletons / Teeth
    • - Dinosaurs
    • - Insects
    • - Mammals
    • - Marine Life
    • - Petrified Woods / Trunks
    • - Plants
  • Stone
    • - Ammolites
    • - Art-Works
    • - Rough stones
    • - Therapy stones
    • - Tumbled Stones
  • Tools & Technics 
    • - Checking & Measuring Instruments
    • - Gemmological Instruments
    • - Instruments / Machines / Tools
    • - Displays & Cases
    • - Chemicals & Adhesives
  • Trade Publications and Services
    • - Associations
    • - Laboratories
    • - Publications


Who Should Visit Asia Fossil and Gem Expo 2017?

The fair is open to trade and public:

  • Architects
  • Goldsmith
  • Interior Designers
  • Miners
  • Art Gallery
  • Professors
  • Curators
  • Private collectors
  • Gemologists
  • Scientists
  • Geologist
  • Archaeologist
  • Paleontologist
  • Loose gems traders

Seminars of Hong Kong Mineral and fossil Fair:

Catch one of the expert led seminar presentations focused on minerals and collecting tips from global prominent speakers at the FREE seminar sessions. 

For Further information, please visit the official website at www.mineralandgem.com.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)
1 Expo Dr, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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