27-29 Mar 2018 Add To calender
Beijing , China
Beijing Exhibition Center
Expec Exhibition is a regular gathering of explosion proof industry which is held alongside with CIPPE, in spring in Beijing every year. Expec and CIPPE cover 100,000 square meters' exhibiting space, and will welcome over 2,000 exhibitors, as well as 80,000 professional visitors from 45 countries and regions. After 15 years' development, China Explosion Protection Electric Technology & Equipment Exhibition provides an international face to face business trade for all the exhibitors and professional visitors in the petroleum & petrochemical section. This event showcases products like explosion-proof weighing apparatuses, Various explosion-proof products, explosion-proof gas testing instruments, gas purification explosion-proof systems, explosion-proof air-conditioning refrigeration systems etc. in the Electronics & Electrical Goods, Petroleum, Oil & Gas industries. Expec Exhibition is an event and I like events...

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Exhibit Profile in China Explosion Protection Fair 2018:

  • Various explosion-proof products
  • explosion-proof relays
  • explosion-proof gas testing instruments,gas purification explosion-proof systems
  • explosion-proof electromagnetic valves
  • explosion-proof transformers
  • explosion-proof pressure transformers
  • explosion-proof weighing apparatuses
  • explosion-proof hydraulic components
  • explosion-proof electronic devices
  • explosion-proof thermoelectric couples (thermal resistances)
  • explosion-proof distribution boxes
  • explosion-proof control boxes
  • explosion-proof control (distribution) cabinets
  • explosion-proof operating rods
  • explosion-proof circuit breakers
  • explosion-proof air-conditioning refrigeration systems
  • explosion-proof tools
  • explosion-proof electric heaters
  • explosion-proof electromagnetic starters
  • explosion-proof junction boxes (cabinets)
  • explosion-proof buttons
  • explosion-proof connection devices,bolts
  • explosion-proof lighting fixtures
  • explosion-proof signal lamps,indicating lamps,marker lamps
  • explosion-proof instruments
  • explosion-proof meters
  • explosion-proof switches
  • explosion-proof fans
  • explosion-proof axial fans
  • explosion-proof pipe fittings
  • explosion-proof electric machines
  • explosion-proof axial fans
  • explosion-proof pipe fittings
  • explosion-proof electric machines
  • explosion-proof communication signal devices
  • explosion-proof sensors,as well as various guard gratings in Petroleum,Chemical Industry and Coal Mine Industry.
  • Various industrial explosion-proof products, such as safe spot bus-line intelligent modules
  • explosion-proof computers
  • explosion-proof fork trucks
  • explosion-proof lifts, tax-control oil-feeding devices, etc.


Target Visitors of Safety and Security Expo Beijing:

  • Owner of Project / Purchasing
  • Marketing / Sales
  • Agent/Distributor/Importer & Exporter
  • Production/Manufacturing
  • Engineering, Construction & Contractor
  • Trade Association & Research Institution
  • Government Institution
  • Professional Media

For further information, please visit the official website at www.expec.com.cn.

Beijing Exhibition Center
135, Xizhimenwai Dajie, Xuanwu District, Beijing, China

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