Tokyo Health Industry Show (THIS)

Tokyo Health Industry Show (THIS)

31 Jan-02 Feb 2018
Tokyo , Japan
Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center)
The date indicated may be subject to change. Please check this page out again if your have any plan to attend.
Tokyo Health Industry Show (THIS) is the largest event of its kind in Japan and it will be providing tips for prevention of lifestyle and related diseases. By attending this show, people will grow awareness about beauty, health and anti-aging of the people belonging to middle and high age groups. It means this grand trade show will bring business opportunities in the Japanese health industry and markets along with world markets. World of manufacturers and suppliers of health and beauty products will get chance to promote their quality products during the exhibition. People attending this show will get all the answers related to health and age factor. Physicians and nutritionist will guide the best way to maintain health and beauty alike. They will share effective advice for the people to be fit and active in all ages. The show will support people to use healthy habits and health products to maintain their good healthy life. Tokyo Health Industry Show (THIS) is an event and I like events...
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Japan is the top country in the world for longevity according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The ageing of society and an increasing number of active senior citizens, the need for prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, and growing awareness about beauty and anti-aging by middle and high age groups, are all factors that are contributing to the expansion of the health products industry in Japan. Meanwhile, the Japanese government is advocating the initiation of a healthy life industry as a strategy for economic growth.more than 33 years, the Tokyo Health Industry Show has continued to grow in-line with the expansion of Japan's health industry and the show is by far the largest event of its kind in the country. The 2016 edition featured over 550 exhibitors organized into five professional show zones.

Show Zones of Tokyo Health Industry Show 2018:

Health Food & Supplements Show:

  • Exhibit Profile:

    • Health Foods (Tea, Drinks, Sweets, Oil, Seasoning, and etc.)

    • Supplements

  • Visitor Profile:

    • Retailer: Health Food Store, Department Store, Direct Marketing, Direct Selling, Variety Shop, Drug Store, Pharmacy, Supermarket,and etc.

    • Trading Company / Wholesaler

    • Manufacture: Health Foods, General Food, Cosmetics, Medicine, and etc.

Health Check & Health Care Show:

  • Exhibit Profile:

    • Health Check Equipment & Service, Health Care Equipment & Service, Heat Treatment Equipment, Health Equipment & goods, Air & Water Purifiers,Healthy bed clothing, and etc.

  • Visitor Profile:

    • Trading company & Wholesaler & Retailer (Medical Service, Health Equipment, Variety goods, Electrics, and etc)Direct Marketing, Direct SellingClinic Care Service, and etc.Hotel, Spa, Hot Bath Service, Sports Gym, Healthy Salon, and etc

Beauty & Anti-Aging Show:

  • Exhibit Profile:

    • Beauty Equipment & goods, Cosmetics, Skin-care, Body-care Products

    • Aroma-related Products, Aging-related Products

    • Beauty Supplement & Drink, Diet Foods

  • Visitor Profile:

    • Retailer

    • Department Store, Direct Marketing, Direct Selling, Drug Store, Pharmacy, Health Food Store, and etc.

    • Trading Company / Wholesaler

    • Beauty Salon

    • Fitness

    • Medical related and Welfare

    • Beauty Clinic, Hospital, Acupuncture/Massage/Chiropractic Clinic, Care Welfare Service, and etc.

    • Manufacture

    • Cosmetics, Health Food, General Food, Medicine, and etc.

Fitness & Sports Show:

  • Exhibit Profile:

    • Sports Clothes, Shoes, Insole, Supporter & Corset, Sports Accessories, Fitness & Training Equipment, Yoga-related Products, Oxygen Capsule, Water Server, Sports Nutrition, and etc.

  • Visitor Profile:

    • Clinic, Care Service,Sports Massage Clinic, Beauty Salon

    • Department Store, Direct Marketing

    • Sports & Outdoor-related Trading Company, Wholesaler, Retailer, and etc.

    • Sports Gym, Healthy Salon, and etc

Organic & Natural Products Show:

  • Exhibit Profile:

    • FOOD

      • Traditional Food, Organic & Natural Food, Supplement, Beverage, Sweets, Macrobiotics, Vegetarian Food, and etc.

    • BEAUTY

      • Organic & Natural Personal Care Products ( Skin, Hair, Body, Baby, Oral-care, and etc.)


      • Organic & Natural Clothing (Organic Cotton, Hemp, and etc.)

  • Visitor Profile:

    • Retailer

    • Health Food Store, Department Store, Supermarket, Direct Selling, Variety Shop, Restaurant, Home-delivery service, Mail-order, and etc.

    • Trading Company / Wholesale

For further information, please visit the official website at
Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center)
3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo

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