Housing Brand Fair

Housing Brand Fair

19-22 Jan 2017
Seoul , South Korea
COEX Convention & Exhibition Center

This event has ended
Housing Brand Fair is definitely a stand where plenty of primary matters might be discoursed. These are going to be Building, Interior Design, Decoration, Housing, Homewares, Furniture Accessories, Furniture and Structural Materials.The Housing Brand Fair attracts a large cross-section of the construction industry including companies involved in new wood framed construction, condominium developments, as well as renovations. Housing Brand Fair is an event and I like events...
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Exhibit Items in Housing Brand Fair 2017:

  • Furniture and Interior
All sorts of furniture, ornament, locker, hanger, hardware, accessory, fabric, carpet, curtain, blind, roll, screen, Roman shade, steel products for a building, fireplace, sign products for a building, interior finish material and etc.

  • Construction Equipment and Tool
Tools (air nailer, electrically – and manually – operated drill, grinder, electric saw), diamond tool, measurement instrument, surveying instrument, laser level, construction equipment, ladder, level, rivet and etc.

  • Structural Material
Basic structural materials for construction such as prefabricated walls, steel pipes and etc.

  • Water Supply System and Sanitary Product
Faucet, sanitary ware, bathtub, shower head, shower booth, roof blower, bathroom furniture, mirror, accessory, steaming material, sauna booth, drainage pipe, various valves, various pipes, trap and etc.

  • Interior and Exterior Finished Material
Floor products (tile, flooring paper, carpet, marble, access floor), interior finish material (wallpaper, gypsum wall board, molding, MDF, OSB, space wall, panel, ceiling board, lighting box, staircase material, textile), roof material (copper plate, asphalt shingle, roof panel, roof tile, decorative material), exterior finishes (dryvit, siding, stone material, ocher mortar, brick) and sound absorbing materials for soundproof.

  • Painting
Paints (water, oil, natural paint, interior paint), stain, various pigments, painting devices and etc.

  • Air-conditioner, Heating and Ventilation System
Boilers (oil, gas, electricity, industrial use, heat storage type), water heater (electric, solar heat, general water heater), fan heater heat exchanger ondol (hot floor), panel air-conditioning equipment and system temperature and humidity control system, ventilation material with a sensor air-conditioner and etc.

  • Waterproof and Heat Insulation Material
Waterproof material, injector for construction works, sealing material, caulking material, water cut-off material, efflorescence removing material, admixture, repair material, condensation-resistant material, waterproof paper, damp-proofing paper, heat insulation materials (rock wool, glass wool, Styrofoam, urethane foam, perlite, heat insulation aluminum, polyurethane cover) and etc.

  • Illumination fitting and Electric system
LED, interior and exterior lighting fittings (interior lamp, exterior lamp, halogen lamp, lamp, street light, garden light, emergency light), electric systems (wiring device, switchboard load center, circuit breaker, transformer, plug socket, switch and wire, various sensors and etc).

  • Door and Window Material
Steel doors and windows (automatic door, fire-proof door, revolving door, overhead door and door frame), aluminum doors and windows (sash, sliding door, curtain wall and panel), wood doors and windows (wood door, door frame and window), plastic window, system window, various door locks, louver, louver shutter, various glass products, safety film for crime prevention, canopy, balcony, rail.

  • Housing Information Pension and House Built in a Pastoral Setting
Design and construction (general interior works for construction of a house, design, M & E works, maintenance and management), pensions / houses built in a pastoral setting (wooden structure house, steel house, pension information, sales and construction, sample model home), exterior and interior remodeling (specialized contractors, house improvement), media on housing information (construction magazines, construction-related paper, sales information and etc.), architectural construction S/W (CAD & 3D MAX virtual reality program, quantity surveying and estimation program).

  • Landscaping Material
Fence, sod, rubber block, pavilion, play facilities, tree protection grating, interior and exterior landscaping and water fountain, gardening prop and fixture, and etc.

For further information, please visit the official website at leadexpo.co.kr

COEX Convention & Exhibition Center
159 Samseong dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-731, S. Korea

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