Singapore Stone, Marble and Ceramic Show

Singapore Stone, Marble and Ceramic Show

23-25 Feb 2017
Singapore , Singapore
Marina Bay Sands

This event has ended
Singapore Stone, Marble and Ceramic Show will provide a huge profit to attendee and enable them to expand their business in marble and stone sectors in developed Singapore. The show will bring together investors in the manufacturing and construction industries, as well as architects and designers interested in ecological and aesthetic materials sourced naturally. Attendees can look forward to networking opportunities with natural stone suppliers from all over the world while browsing internationally-sourced natural stone exhibits. Investment by private sector is essential in order to meet the demand of Singapore’s constituents in the near and long term, to balance supply and demand. In this regard, Stone, Marble and Ceramic Show is going to be held in Singapore to fulfill its needs. Singapore Stone, Marble and Ceramic Show is an event and I like events...
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Why Singapore Stone, Marble And Ceramic Show 2017?

  • 1. This spectacular exhibition will provide a huge profit to exhibitors and enable them to expand their business in marble and stone sectors in developed Singapore. It enjoys a remarkably open and corruption-free environment, stable prices, and a per capita GDP higher than that of most developed countries. 

  • 2. Starting to use natural stones as construction and decoration material worldwide has led the production of natural stone to increase. Especially the increase in the last ten years has parallels with the development of processing and advancing technologies. 

  • 3. More preferred natural stone materials by architects and designers around the world have led to an increasing number of consumers. Experts expect that this development will continue in the upcoming years.


Exhibitor Profile of Stone Expo Singapore 2017:

Manufacturers, distributors and importers in the sectors below:

  • Abrasives & Sanding Machinery
  • Automatic Plant & Equipment
  • Computer Assisted Technologies
  • Cutting Machines for Blocks
  • Diamond Blades & Wires
  • Dust Preventing Systems
  • Edge Shiners
  • Electrical Hand Tools
  • Generators/Power Supplies
  • Grinding Machinery
  • Guillotine & Scissors
  • Hydraulic Crushers & Drillers
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Inner & Outer Coating Machinery
  • Jointed Loading Paddles
  • Machine Belts & Conveyor Bands
  • Marble Breaking & Crushing Machinery
  • Marble Cleaning & Polishing Machinery
  • Marble Polishing Machinery
  • Marble Processing Machinery & Eqpt
  • Marble Waste Processing Machinery
  • Marble Waste Water Machinery
  • Mine Drilling Machinery
  • Ore Enriching Machinery
  • Profile Ground & Coating
  • Quarry Machinery
  • Rock Bolts & Crushers
  • Rock Drilling Machinery
  • Slate Saws, Variator & Reducer
  • Slate Separating & Shining Machinery
  • Spindling Machinery
  • Stone Beating Machinery
  • Stone Carrier Machinery & Equipment
  • Stone Collecting Machinery
  • Stone Correcting & Crumbling Systems
  • Stone Cutting & Sharpening Machinery
  • Stone Distinguishing Machinery
  • Stone Polishing Machinery
  • Stone Quarry Plants & Equipment
  • Used Processing Machinery
  • Tiles Squaring Machinery
  • Tiles Chamfering Machinery
  • Unprocessed Blocks & Marbles
  • Marble, Granite & Onyx
  • Slate Stones & Sandstones
  • Natural Decorating Stones
  • Plate Marble & Products
  • Decorative Marble Products
  • Marble & Onyx Handicrafts
  • Floor & Wall Tiles & Claddings
  • Marble Powder Products
  • Packaging Systems
  • Adhesives & Epoxies
  • Natural Chemicals for Cleaning & Protecting
  • Stone Surfaces


Visitor Profile of Marble Fair Singapore 2017:

  • Government Bodies & Decision Makers
  • Associations and Trade Bodies
  • Technocrats, Engineers & Architects
  • Academia & Scientists / Landscape Architects
  • Interior Designers, Renovation Designers
  • Equipment Dealers & Renters
  • Building Material Dealers / Suppliers / Distributors
  • Foreign companies seeking joint ventures
  • Construction Managers / Project Managers
  • Contractors & Transporters
  • Mine / Quarry Owners
  • Processors of Marble & Granite


Sectors of Ceramic Exhibition Singapore 2017:

  • Natural stone, garden stone, artificial stone, engineered stone
  • Natural stone processing
  • Own quarries
  • Facades and exterior use
  • Funerary art, funerary art in natural stone, funerary arts in other materials
  • Finished stone building products & coverings for interior
  • Semi-finished stone products
  • Finished stone interior design / artistic items
  • For stone processing - diamond, abrasive, carbide
  • Technologies and equipment for processing and utilization of stone wastes
  • Packaging, anchoring & fixing, conveying, processing all kinds of stone
  • Handling machinery, sawmill machinery, workshop machinery & equipment, surface finishing machinery, other machinery
  • Quarry machinery tools, sawmill tools, the manufacture of diamond tools
  • Maintenance, conservation & restoration of natural stone
  • Protection & safety items
  • Chemical products, raw stone products
  • Grouts for tiles, marble, granite, travertine, sandstone
  • Thermal & moisture protection
  • Auto polishing agents, cleaner agents etc
  • Chemicals for care & preservation of natural stone
  • Mastics, sealants, synthetic waxes, consolidative agents, crystallizers, color enhancers
  • Polyester putties, stone laying - maintenance products, quarry machinery accessories - tools - spare parts
  • Investment project
  • Laying - Maintenance - Restoration
  • Engineering - technical design
  • Publishing - software
  • Miscellaneous research – assistance, contracted out services, support organizations
  • Transportation & Logistics

For further information, please visit the official website at
Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956

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