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22 Jun to 04 Aug 2018
10:00 to 18:00
Dubai , United Arab Emirates
Dubai Various Venues

Dubai Summer Surprises travel services

Dubai Summer Surprises Exhibition services

Dubai Summer Surprises will be held 22 Jun to 04 Aug 2018 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Dubai Summer Surprises is an annual shopping festival which was launched in 1998. The festival is one of the highlights of the city’s summer calendar with residents and tourists flocking to the region to take advantage of the in-store offers within 6,000 participating stores. Emirates has been a key sponsor of Dubai Summer Surprises since it was first launched and has been part of its significant success which has seen revenue generated and visitor numbers increase from AED 850 million and 600,000 visitors in 1998 to AED 3.21 billion and 2.1 million visitors in 2009. In addition to the shopping experience, the 50 luxury malls involved with Dubai Summer Surprises host entertainment shows, concerts, exhibitions, playgrounds and fun zones meaning the festival offers entertainment for the whole family. Dubai Summer Surprises focuses on fun, knowledge, and entertainment for kids during the yearly summer vacation and attracts families year after year. Dubai Summer Surprises is an event and I like events...

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Why Dubai Summer Surprises 2017?

DSS is a manifestation of emirates culture, including art, history and traditions. As a tourist, when visiting Dubai during DSS, you can gain rare and privileged insight into the history of Dubai and its surrounding Emirates by being part of this gala ceremony. During the fest, the goal has clearly been achieved, with shopaholics flocking to the city in search of bargains in thousands of stores. Each shopping mall has a programme to entertain the kids and adults who require a break from shopping bonanza. DSS has something for all, and so you can plan your trip to enjoy the DSS fest.


Don’t Forget To Play:

Fancy a rush of adrenaline? Want to try something new? This is the festival for you. Get ready for a veritable explosion of fun, adventure and creativity for the entire family. You’ll never think of summer the same way again


Shopping Malls in Dubai:

With movies, food and activities galore, it’s much more than just shopping at Dubai’s malls

With some 96 malls across Dubai, there’s no better place to find that perfect dress, exquisitely tailored suit or quirky memento. But the city’s shopping malls offer far more than retail therapy. Find out where you can ski, skate, swim, watch a movie and plenty more in the mall metropolis of Dubai.


For further information, please visit the official website at www.visitdubai.com.

Venue of Dubai Summer Surprises

Dubai Various Venues
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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