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Barcelona , Spain
Barcelona Various Venues

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Barcelona's carnival is naturally an extraordinary event in Spain and is a celebration, typically in February, that takes place on the week before the Lent season. Similar to the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, visitors in Spain will see a giant parade, dancers, bands, marvelous outfits, and joyful music. Carnival celebrations in Barcelona are devoted to debauchery and gluttony, with a focus on food (as it is the week before Lent). A unique tradition in Barcelona consists of eating hotdogs and various kinds of meat, as one is typically encourages to abstain from this diet during the 40 days of Lent. Visitors will see hilarious hotdog eating contests and should know that Carnival ends on Ash Wednesday. The city follows a Carnival format that is inspired by ancient Carnivals from previous centuries, as the city´s goal is to celebrate in a historical, traditional way. The parade winds its way through the city behind Carnestoltes, the papier-mâché carnival man. The people of Barcelona are all dressed up for the occasion, creating a riot of colours. The colorful parades and cultural festivities makes this event perfect for families living in or visiting Barcelona. Barcelona's carnival is an event and I like events...

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Barcelona's Carnival Origins:

The first documented reference we have of Carnival being celebrated in Barcelona is an order issued in 1333 by the then City Council, the Consell de Cent, banning the throwing of oranges and limiting the use of masks to certain occasions. Originally the Carnival celebrations were very long, starting around All Saints, and they were characterised by debauchery and wild, reckless behaviour.

In an effort to assimilate this uncontrolled popular festival, the public authorities started to assume responsibility for organising it in the 16th century. Slowly it evolved into the festival we know today, with a series of fixed events such as the Carnival King's arrival, the masked balls and the 'burial of the sardine'.

A taste for disguises and fancy dress, linked to the fashion of the day, gradually developed in the 19th century. That was also a time when satirical literature enjoyed one of its heydays, with satirical bans, proclamations and notices published in the press. There was no official Carnival celebration in the city under the Franco regime and it was not celebrated again until 1980. 


Barcelona's Carnival 2017 Activities:

There are several parades throughout the Barcelona Carnival, with each neighborhood organizing its own parades and festivities. Apart from the parades, there will also be many competitions held for children


Fat Thursday:

Each year the carnival in Barcelona starts with Fat Thursday. Fat Thursday is the day where everyone can start stuffing themselves with food in preparation of the fasting period of Lent. This day consists of many food competitions and feasts.


La Cercavila del Rei Carnestoltes Parades:

Several parades throughout the neighborhoods of Barcelona. For visitors we recommend ones in Born and Gothic areas.


La Taronjada:

Date: Sunday

Inspired by the original battle of orange throwing, La Toronjada is now part of the King Carnival parade. It´s a color conflict in which orange balloons and confetti are thrown in the air.


Burying the Sardine; Enterrament de la sardine:

Date: Wednesday

The Carnival in Barcelona ends on Ash Wednesday with the traditional Burial of the Sardine. The closing ceremony of the carnival will be accompanied by nice music by school bands, and there will be plenty of activities for the children.

For further information, please visit the official website at www.lameva.barcelona.cat.
Barcelona Various Venues
Barcelona, Spain

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