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Patras Carnival will be held 17 Jan to 27 Feb 2017 in Patras, Greece.
Patras Carnival is the biggest carnival event in Greece which counts more than 180 years of history. The events begin on 17 January each year, when the town crier announces the beginning of celebrations which take place a few days later in the Opening Ceremony. During Carnival period, Patras becomes a city full of fun. A variety of events take place all over the city which include dances, parades, treasure hunts, children carnival, street theaters, exhibitions and the big parades of the last weekend when celebrations culminate. The Sunday’s Big Parade is the biggest event of Patras Carnival as more than 40000 people dance for more than four hours in the city’s major streets. Celebrations end with the closing ceremony in Saint Nicolas pier with the burning of the Carnival King followed by an amazing fireworks show. Its characteristics are spontaneity, improvisation, inspiration and volunteerism. Patras Carnival is an event and I like events...

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Patras Carnival 2017 Opening Ceremony:

The opening events of the Carnival Patras heralds the carnival messenger, strolling the city streets on musical chariot. Invites Patras and all who find themselves in Patras that day in magical joy meetings and unhoped fun routes.


Smoky Thursday:

 the street of German and surrounding streets, revived traditional and folk customs and carnival activities, music troupes, frantic fun and original satirical mood complement the evening of ample consumption roast meat and drinking.The events of this day are part of the official program of the Carnival.


Floats Parade:

The carnival floats, carnival creations Workshop of the Municipality of Patras except the Grand Parade Sunday of Carnival, parade and some nights the last week of Carnival. It is usually the same day as the event of Schools of Dance.


Night Parade:

A warming up … for thousands of carnival parties pants just before the Grand Parade on Sunday. The fun raising their rates and makes the heart run as foot and want can not resist. Music help the revelry, the lighting, colors, spontaneity weave an unprecedented carousel entertainment that unfolds at the end of the parade square George. There carnivals and spectators are involved in an endless party going all night in the streets and clubs of the carnival capital.


Patras Carnival 2017 Grand Parade:

This is the climax of the Patras Carnival. The parade begins around 2pm with numerous satirical floats constructed by the municipality followed by an endless stream of groups, each one with an individual theme around which their costumes are designed. Despite the constant flow, due to the number of people participating which in recent years has reached between 35 and 40 thousand, the parade takes several hours to complete. It cuts through the town and is watched by thousands on the streets, on balconies, in the stands and throughout Greece in a televised coverage.


Children’s Carnival:

The Children’s Carnival is a separate and important section of Carnival as a continuation and development of the baby rally which was first held in 1968.

The Children’s Carnival has covered its own success competing worthily that large. It has defined its indelible stamp in the events of the Carnival, enabling small carnival to develop the senses, imagination and freedom of expression through alternative forms of art, fun and play.

Key actions are karnavaloupoleis, theatrical performances and musical events, exhibitions, and of course the Grand Parade of Children


Patras Carnival 2017 Closing Ceremony:

The tradition wants the Carnival King be delivered to fire in the middle of the sea and follows by fireworks. The event usually involves dance show, music concert of known rock or pop bands, acrobatics and other surprises, with the Mayor of Patras to express his thanks to carnivals and visitors of the city for their participation, and symbolically gives the signal to prepare the carnival events next year. Closing Ceremony concludes with an open-air music and dance party until the early hours of the carnival.

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