Lemon Festival

Lemon Festival

11 Feb-01 Mar 2017
Menton , France
Menton Various Venues

This event has ended
Lemon Festival created in Menton in 1934, is a unique event in the world which draws over 230,000 visitors every year. It involves over 300 professionals and requires 145 tonnes of citrus fruits.The basic idea is Citrus, and the festival known to the French is Fête du Citron. Menton, which is tucked along the coast next to Italy, becomes so popular at the end of February due to its giant designs made exclusively from citrus fruits. Floral processions are organised on the Promenade du Soleil, with a mixture of citrus-themed floats, confetti, dancers and folk groups. Displayed in giant floats, Citrus Limonia is saluted by entertainers, brass bands and other creatures full of divine charm. During the festival, the Biovès Gardens are clad with citrus fruit, forming temporary sculptures in dazzling yellow and orange shades. Some can reach heights of 10 metres and more. At nightfall, the orange and lemon monuments sparkle in their flamboyant colours, and night-time events are sometimes held. Lemon Festival is an event and I like events...
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Lemon Festival 2017 Exhibition of citrus patterns:

Astonishment and amazement:

In the Biovès Gardens…Imagine…patterns that can be up to ten metres high…

During the festival, the Biovès Gardens take on dazzling yellow and orange sunshine colours. The decors are incredible, some requiring nearly fifteen tonnes of citrus fruit…

Every year, it takes thousands of hours to create these ephemeral sculptures, with the fruits placed one at a time…

Go into the Biovès Gardens and discover these giant sculptures made of golden fruit according to a tradition that has been carefully maintained since the start of the last century


Lemon Festival 2017 Golden Fruit Parade

High-energy parades and colourful celebration:

On Sunday morning, the town gets busy, with the coming and going of coaches and cars… Like an endless farandole, the crowd moves here and there, stretching out through the narrow streets and finally coming together along the sea front. Confetti is scattered against a background of blue sky. Entertainers, brass bands and folk groups wheel, spin and dance between the magnificent citrus fruit floats…


Lemon Festival 2017 Gardens of lights

Magical lights and sparkling enchantment:

As night falls, take a walk in the Biovès Gardens…The patterns light up and unusual sounds combine with strange creatures of light… The gardens take on a new look, a new perspective… With the play of light, the arrangements stretch out, soar upwards and amaze… Time seems to stand still in a world in which light and sound create a magical, enchanting place of unsuspected splendour… 


Lemon Festival 2017 Night-time parades

Enthusiasm and a zest of extravagance:

Until dusk, the town seems to hold its breath…It’s all very peaceful, too peaceful…

In the distance, some drums show a touch of impatience, a trumpet replies… A float loaded with citrus fruit appears from nowhere, then another…

Time to party! Brass bands, orchestras, folk groups, dancers and the plain mischievous add a spark of splendour to the parade worthy of the most ambitious street festivals!


In apotheosis fireworks at 10pm:

Suddenly, the first explosions ring out and light up the night above Menton.

The crackle of the sparks as they fall into the sea signals the end of this moment of extravagance.


Lemon Festival 2017 Arts and Crafts show:

Local artisans present their work : wooden sculptures, glass engraving, ceramics and pottery…

Taste the citrus flavours and local foods that make up the Menton’s gourmet smorgasbord of delights. 


The Orchid Festival:

Presented by the Association des Orchidophiles et Épiphytophiles de France, orchids are opening and flourishing in their own garden at the Palais de l’Europe.

The ones on show are the world’s most beautiful, and they rival one another in colour, shape, and mysterious perfume. Like the carnival, the evocative and exotic names of these hybrid, botanical, and miniature varieties invite us to take a journey to a far-off land…

For further information, please visit the official website at www.fete-du-citron.com.
Menton Various Venues
Menton, France

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