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Montreal Jazz Festival will be held 29 Jun to 08 Jul 2017 in Montreal, Canada.
Montreal Jazz Festival is the largest in North America. Ranked as the world’s largest jazz festival by Guinness World Records, the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal has been synonymous with a passion for music for over three decades. Every year, North America’s French-speaking metropolis welcomes global music fans to 10 days of jazzcentric celebration, where fans of all types of jazz-related music rub shoulders with aficionados of the genre in its purest form. The Festival hosts some 30 countries, 3,000 musicians and public entertainers, 1,000 concerts and activities—two-thirds of them free – in 15 concert halls and on 8 outdoor stages, welcoming more than 2 million visitors to the city, from noon to midnight! And it all happens on a unique site designed to meet festivalgoers’ every need, in the heart of Montreal’s downtown core, in an area off-limits to car traffic! There’s no doubt – Montreal is the heartbeat of Planet Jazz! Montreal Jazz Festival is an event and I like events...

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Why Montreal International Jazz Festival 2017?

The Festival International de Jazz de Montreal is the largest in North America, and is unparalleled in the world in terms of its musical scope and diversity. Plus, the city of Montreal is renowned for its wonderful food, shopping, art, architecture and much more! From the free shows on stages located on the streets around Place des Arts to gala concerts in plush concert halls, it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in music.Expect crowds, but also a sunny sense of warmth, community and camaraderie; for many Montreal residents, the festival is one of the seminal dates of the summer calendar.




Lots of Bang, Not Much Buck:

A peek into past lineups reveals artists sourced from the cream of the international jazz scene, with numerous forays into R&B, rock, and world music. If you think this sounds like stretching the parameters of what should be allowed in a jazz fest, you're not alone; a rather loose definition of what constitutes jazz is one of the controversial sticking points that continues to dog the festival.

So what pushes the number of attendees into the multimillion range? Free shows, and lots of them—some two-thirds of the shows at the festival are gratis. Ste. Catherine Street, one of Montreal's busiest commercial thoroughfares, forms the crux of the festival experience, and it's packed with literally hundreds of free concerts. These performances form the backbone of the jazz festival, and are accompanied by the public art and street theater that Montreal loves to indulge in throughout the year. 




For further information, please visit the official website at
Quartier des Spectacles
Montreal, QC, Canada

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