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Quebec Winter Carnival will be held 26 Jan to 11 Feb 2018 in Quebec City, Canada.
Quebec Winter Carnival is one of the world's largest winter carnivals in beautiful Québec City. Every year, thousands of visitors flock to the Québec Winter Carnival to enjoy a host of activities for all ages, including snow bath, night parades, snow slides, giant foosball, snow sculptures, shows, sleigh rides, and skating. Bonhomme Carnaval is the ambassador of this winter celebration. The Carnival is a unique winter experience you won't want to miss! The most famous attractions of this winter festival are the night-time and daytime parades led by mascot Bonhomme Carnaval with their elaborate procession of decorated floats and layered-thick spectators. With some of the most quaint architecture in North America, Québec City is an atmospheric place for this winter wonderland. The whole experience will make you feel like you and your family have gotten trapped in a beautiful, intricate snow globe made all the more spectacular by a fireworks finale. With an outdoor amusement park, ice slides, dogsled rides, parades and more, there are more than enough reasons to bundle up and go out to play at the Quebec Winter Carnival. Quebec Winter Carnival is an event and I like events...

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Why Québec Winter Carnival 2018?

The Québec Winter Carnival is the largest winter carnival in the world today, and is third on the List of Top Carnivals after the famous carnivals in Rio and New Orleans.

Snow sculptures, winter sports, and traditional Québec activities like dogsled and canoe races are beloved highlights of this largest winter carnival in the world.


Required Viewing of Snow and Ice Sculptures:

There are so many pieces to the Québec Winter Carnival that you’re bound to miss something, no matter how hard you try to catch it all. But if you want a short list of things to absolutely not miss, start with the Ice Palace . Built with bricks of compacted snow and lit with colored light displays that make the palace look like an iced dessert, the palace is the center of many Carnival activities. Surrounded by the many snow and ice sculptures carved from blocks of snow by artists from around the world, the palace is the centerpiece of a temporary annual winter wonderland.

A competition hailing from the beginning of Carnival celebrations in Québec, the Canoe Race features several teams paddling on the St. Lawrence River between Québec City and Lévis. Dress warm to watch both the preliminaries and the final, drink some hot Caribou, and you’ll be glad you’re watching and not participating. By all means, stick around in the evening to watch the Night Parades , which take place on the second and third weekend of the Québec Winter Carnival. For some attendees, they’re the best moments of the festival. 

For further information, please visit the official website at
Plains of Abraham
Avenue Wilfrid-Laurier, Ville de Québec, QC G1R 2L3, Canada

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