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Umbrella Sky Project (Umbrella Festival) ilikevents

Umbrella Sky Project (Umbrella Festival)

Agueda Various Venues
Agueda , Portugal
01-23 Jul 2017
Umbrella Sky Project (Umbrella Festival) is a colorful festival and it began in 2012 as a part of the city of Águeda’s famous annual Ágitagueda Art Festival in Portugal. Each year, during the hot summer month of July a handful of the city’s narrow streets gain colorful umbrella canopies that provide shade for the pedestrians passing through. Rooftop cables are strung with numerous parasols that help cool the roadways in a creative and cost-effective way, and the sea of umbrellas forms a unique geometric pattern overhead as well as changing shadows on the roadway below. Programming like outdoor workout classes give this shaded area an added layer of functionality, enabling high-energy and fitness activities despite high summer temperatures. Imagine roaming beneath a vast ray of colors, keeping safe from the sun without having to hold up your own umbrella! The city of Agueda can truly make you feel like a kid again throughout the month of July. The umbrellas and art exhibits are held near the heart of the city where many shops, cafes, and restaurants are conveniently located. Umbrella Sky Project (Umbrella Festival) is an event and I like events...
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Why Umbrella Sky Project (Umbrella Festival) 2017 ?

It’s not just tourists that enjoy the excitement of the umbrella canopies. Without the umbrellas the streets are pretty but plain, and so the art festival brings a refreshing pop of diversity and color to the area.

Since the umbrellas are hung in accordance with the Ágitagueda art festival, there are other artistic sights to visit simultaneously.  Concerts and art exhibits are routinely on display; you may visit them all, taking solace in the shade of the brightly colored umbrellas as your travel to and from.


Creators of the Umbrella Sky Project 2017:

Since the project began, these pop-up shade structures have become an annual summertime installation and they have developed a cult following around the world. Creators of the Umbrella Sky Project, Sextafeira, have also launched offshoots of this work in other cities such as Lisbon, where they have added to the streetscape by stringing multicolored balloons over urban alleyways.




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Agueda Various Venues
Agueda, Portugal

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