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Surin’s Elephant Roundup will be held 18 to 19 Nov 2017 in Surin, Thailand.
Surin’s Elephant Roundup is an event committed to promoting tourism and preservation of the local way of life between humans and elephants. It takes place in Surin province Isan, Thailand specifically at Si Narong Stadium, which is the world’s largest domestic elephant village. This event has 20 decorated floats with food the elephants. 300 domesticated elephants will parade for the food and have a feast of a lifetime. There are also cultural performances, entertaining shows and food for all people to enjoy. One of the more hands on events is the Elephant Breakfast held on the Friday morning. Chains of Elephants carrying dignitaries, tourists and their handlers also known as Mahouts, saunter into town and congregate at the roundabout in the south end of the city, where a feast of fruit is devoured. Tourists and locals get a chance to mingle with these massive mammals and feed them first hand. Saturday and Sunday the Elephants convene at the Stadium for displays of skill and mastery with music, games, and an array of traditional customs and attire. Surin’s Elephant Roundup is an event and I like events...

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Surin’s Elephant Roundup history:

The festival has its origins in the royal hunts which were conducted in Surin Province during medieval times. The indigenous residents of Surin, the Kuy, have been traditional practitioners of corralling elephants and training them as working animals. When the Ayutthaya Kingdom came into power these hunts were converted into a public extravaganza and wild elephants were replaced with tame ones. The festival, in its contemporary form, was first organized in the 1960s when civil war in Cambodia and the steady decline in economic value of elephants forced the elephant handlers (mahouts) to seek occupations in the entertainment and tourism industry.




When to Go to Elephant Round Up 2017:

Descend upon this experience during the third weekend of November each year. This time of year is the cool season with temperatures that usually range between 16 - 30 degrees celcius, a comfortable change from the hotter temperatures of the dry season.




Why Surin’s Elephant Roundup 2017 ?

Surin’s Elephant Roundup is an internationally recognized event, Elephant Round-Up begins with a wonderful elephant parade through the streets, and the famous “elephant breakfast”. After that, the shows also include elephant talent competitions, demonstration of the various techniques used to capture and train elephants, a presentation of ancient elephant warfare techniques, a series of shows displaying the strength and skill of the animals, such as football games and a tug-of-war between men and elephants. Although it may sound like the animals are being exploited and treated unkindly, Thais hold them in great esteem and even believe their country is shaped like an elephant’s head.


Si Narong Stadium
Mueang Surin District, Surin, Thailand

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