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Sapporo International Art Festival (SIAF) will be held 06 Aug to 01 Oct 2017 in Sapporo, Japan.
Sapporo International Art Festival (SIAF) is the first art festival in Sappora. It takes places every three years in various locations throughout the city of Sapporo. This is an art festival that has just begun, with the vast northern land as its stage. You will enjoy a diverse array of programs involving contemporary art, music, performing arts and media arts. There will also be opportunities to participate in workshops and other events while experiencing local communities and interacting with other people. This combination of activities will create an art festival that provides opportunities to envision the future. Sapporo International Art Festival (SIAF) is an event and I like events...

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Why Sapporo International Art Festival (SIAF) 2017?

It will provide opportunities for visitors to explore the concept of nature, cities, economy and lifestyles and to find out more about how cities can coexist with nature based on a reassessment of urban and environmental issues in Sapporo/Hokkaido, Japan, and the region’s history in the context of art.


Sapporo International Art Festival (SIAF) 2017 Theme:

The theme of the second Sapporo International Art Festival is “What is an Art Festival?” 


Main Venues:

Projects and performances will take place at venues throughout the city. Art museums will naturally host some of the work, but a former government building and underground passageways count among the more unusual sites that SIAF will utilize. Main venue are:

Susukino Area / Tanukikoji Area / Maruyama Area / Sapporo Art Park /Sapporo Shiryokan (Former Sapporo Court of Appeals) / Moerenuma Park


SIAF2017 Special Big Band(Project Team):

  • Band Master (Guest Director)
  • Tuning (Executive Advisor)
  • Band Members (Participants)



Programs involving contemporary art, music, performing arts, media arts and workshops and other events.

For further information, please visit the official website at
Sapporo Various Venues
Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan

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