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Vejle , Denmark
Vejle Various Venues

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Food Photography Festival is one of the leading disciplines in professional photography and has more specialised publications, more sales and a larger audience than either fashion or news photography. Food photography is synonymous with cutting-edge technology. It is a pioneer in using the most innovative potential of cameras, lighting and post-production to create new images boasting amazing technical and creative quality. In this respect it resembles its forerunners, the mediaeval painters, who in their day were geniuses of colouring, composition and spatial representation. So that everyone can discover the artistic diversity and creative energy that this discipline brings to cooking. There is no other realm of human culture that is as influenced by photography as food. Food Photography Festival is an event and I like events...

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Food photography festival 2017 Conferences:

Learn About Trends, Self Marketing And Technique.

This conference introduces different forms of Multimedia Storytelling from linear video-slideshows to multi-chapter apps. With a Festival Ticket you can participate in as many conferences as you like.


Food photography festival 2017 Workshops:

Hands-On Learning Sessions:

During this workshop we will explore the combination of flash and daylight, explaining the technical aspects, but focusing on the practical part. This workshop will give you some lifesaving ideas that will help you to work live foodstyling in a restaurant. 


Food photography festival 2017 Portfolio Review:

Meet Art Directors, Publishers, Art Buyer And Editors

Portfolio Reviews give you the opportunity to meet many different titles, publishers and agencies in the two days and present your work. They are held in the network center in the Spinderihallerne. The reviewers are art directors, publishers, art buyers, creative directors and chief editors from different countries


Why participate in Food photography festival 2017?

  1. Meet the professionals
  2. Access to the Network Center
  3. Access to Conferences
  4. Book Workshops with discount
  5. Participate in Portfolio Reviews for free
  6. Participate in Shared Experiences for free
  7. Free access to the Festival Party
  8. Free Program APP (iOS) of the festival


Other Events in Food photography festival 2017:

The access to the exhibitions and FOODPHOTO on stage screening & awards is open to the general public.

  • Exhibitions
  • FOODPHOTO on stage
  • Network Center
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Network Dinners

For further information, please visit the official website at www.foodphotofestival.org.

Vejle Various Venues
Vejle, Denmark

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