16-18 May 2017
Hanover , Germany
Hannover Messe

This event has ended
BIOTECHNICA is Europe's No.1 Event for Biotechnology, Life Sciences and Lab Technology. The trade show BIOTECHNICA spans the entire biotechnology value-adding chain – from basic research to the final product. This prestigious event offers a complete, indepth overview of the multifaceted biotechnology and life sciences sectors. BIOTECHNICA does more than offer insights into current trends and the latest developments – it provides a platform for the entire area of research. Take advantage of the different forms of presentation and talks, discover the latest scientific findings and benefit from our new partnering platform. There is no better place to make the right connections and speak to potential business partners BIOTECHNICA is an event and I like events...
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Why Biotechnology Expo Hanover 2017?

  • Growing international Appeal

Lab Technology Fair Hanover attracts exhibitors from 28 nations. In short, it is the No. 1 meeting-place for international market leaders, biotech clusters and research institutes from all over Europe.

  • Exclusive Access

50% of the trade visitors can be found only at BIOTECHNICA Germany - a great opportunity to add exclusive new contacts to your customer base.

  • Efficient Networking

Here you'll be talking to all the right people from the scientific community, business and government – with its partnering platform BIOTECHNICA delivers what it promises.

  • New Business Leads

More than 12,000 visitors come to the event (and 98% are bona fide trade visitors), including university scientists and academics, experts from the pharma and chemical industry, representatives of venture capital enterprises and political decisionmakers.

  • Crossover Visitor Traffic

The lab technology trade show taking place in parallel, you can reach a wider industry audience and exploit new sales opportunities.


Product Categories in Germany Life Sciences Fair:

Agriculture applications:

  • Animal Feed
  • Biological pest control
  • Miscellaneous; agriculture applications
  • Seed / crop breeding
  • Trangenic plants

Applications pharma, diagnostics, biomedicine:

  • Biomedical applications
  • Diagnostics applications
  • Pharma applications


  • Assays, Analytical methods
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biosensors
  • Certified analytics / methods
  • Chemicals and reagents
  • Chemometrics
  • Chromatography
  • Commissioned analytics / Analytical services
  • Diagnostics
  • Electrophoresis/capillary electrophoresis
  • Gas chromatography
  • Genomics
  • Immunanalytics
  • Kits
  • Liquid Handling
  • Mass spectrometry/MALDI
  • Microarrays
  • Microscopy
  • Microsystem technology/Lab-on-a-chip/Micro fluidic
  • Midiprep / Maxiprep
  • Miscellaneous; bioanalytics
  • Nucleic acid filtration
  • PCR-systems
  • Plasmid / DNA filtration
  • Process analytics
  • Proteomics and other -omics
  • Sample preparation
  • Screening technologies
  • Spectroscopy, tomography


  • Data bases (DNA, Protein sequences, Literature, Molecular structures)
  • Data mining
  • ELN (Electronic laboratory notebooks)
  • Image processing
  • Individual software services
  • Knowledge management
  • LIMS (Labinformation and management systems)
  • Miscellaneous; bioinformatics
  • Modelling / Models / Simulation software
  • Molecular bioinformatics (Genome research, agent development, Molecular structures)
  • Scientific software
  • Software for process optimization

Bioprocess engineering:

  • Bioprocess development
  • Bioreactor analysis
  • Bioreactor equipment
  • Bioreactors
  • Downstream processing
  • GLP / GMP
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Logistics
  • Measuring and Control
  • Sterile techniques
  • Ultrapure water systems

Biotech services:

  • Analytical services
  • Biobanks
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Contract research
  • Cooperations
  • Drug and medicinal product accreditation
  • Economic support / sponsorship
  • Education, Advanced training
  • Financial services / venture capital
  • Job placement, job services
  • Miscellaneous; biotech services
  • Patents, patents consulting
  • Plant conception or design
  • Public relations / marketing
  • Scientific or expert information / publications
  • Surveys / market analysis
  • Technology and innovation consulting
  • Technology parks or -sites
  • Technology transfer

Environmental applications:

  • Bioremediation (Water, Soil, Air): Soil Decontamination, Wastewater Treatment
  • Environmental analysis / Measuring networks
  • Leaching techniques
  • Miscellaneous; environmental applications
  • Recycling
  • Recycling management

General Bioproducts:

  • Enzymes
  • Fine chemicals
  • Proteins

Industrial Biotechnology applications:

  • Bio-based chemicals, bulk products incl. bio-polymers
  • Bio-catalysis, bio-transformation
  • Bio-refinery
  • Fine chemicals
  • Miscellaneous; industrial Biotechnology applications

Marine biotechnology applications:

  • Algae biotechnology
  • Aqua farming

Nutrition applications:

  • Aroma and flavours
  • Enzymes
  • Food analysis
  • Food fermentation
  • Food microbial analysis
  • Functional Food / nutraceuticals
  • Miscellaneous; nutrition applications

Transgenic animals:

  • Animal breeding
  • Animal husbandry: feeding, hygiene, product quality
  • Animal testing
  • Miscellaneous; Transgenic animals
  • Pharmaproduction with transgenic animals

For further information, please visit the official website at

Hannover Messe
Messegelände, 30521, Hannover, Germany

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