Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

24-28 Apr 2017
Hanover , Germany
Hannover Messe

This event has ended
Industrial Automation is one of the leading trade fairs taking place in parallel in all sectors of industry in Hanover. At Industrial Automation you’ll find products and solutions for one of the key challenges facing industry: automation. To stay on top of the game, this is where you’ll find all the major highlights in robotics and engineering, pneumatics and pump systems and virtual reality in intelligent factories. Industrial Automation is an event and I like events...
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Only companies who are willing to invest in modern automation technologies will be at the head of the pack in the digital race. Many solutions are already available. But how to succeed in the transition to the smart factory – and as efficiently as possible?

The smart factory, virtual reality, the Internet of Things: Every sector and every field of modern industry is busy pondering the ramifications of these concepts. It is nothing less than the fourth industrial revolution and the digital integration of all industrial processes – from the concept to production to delivery to the customer. Experience the latest technologies and discuss the issues with key experts. Pick up new stimuli for creating your own, individual Industry 4.0.


What is shown?

  • Manufacturing Automation

Everything for production: Robotics and robotized automation, linear technology, machinery and plant engineering, gripping and handling systems, lasers, mobile robots, image processing

  • Process and Production Automation

Electric drive technology, pneumatics, manufacturing logistics, pumps and pump systems

  • Energy and Process Automation

Exhibitors in this hall show automation and energy technology solutions, control systems and instrumentation for greater process efficiency.

  • Automation Technology & IT

Industry 4.0: This is where intelligent industry in all its facets is showcased – from connection and security technology to smart factory components.


Exhibits/main sectors:

Factory automation: robotics, systems solutions, mechanical engineering, signal devices, software solutions, assembly and handling, linear technology, laser technology, electrical power transmission / motion control, pneumatics, energy efficiency, mobile robots

Process and energy automation: process control systems, measuring and control systems / process sensor technology, joining / interface technology - pivotal

Automation technologies and trends: industrial IT, wireless automation, M2M, control systems, SPS / IPC / embedded, sensor technology, industrial communication, Cyber Physical Systems, image processing, ID / RFID, product and brand protection, pumps, plant engineering, Electronics, Engineering, Information Technology, Communication Technology, Material Handling, Measurement, Instrumentation, Quality Assurance


Other trade fairs taking place in parallel at HANNOVER MESSE:


New technologies will ensure the success of the energy transition. Experts from a variety of disciplines are working now on trailblazing concepts which will allow us to generate, store, transmit and distribute electric power more cleanly and cheaply than ever before.

The pioneers of the energy industry – all at the same venue

Leading Trade Fair for Integrated Energy Systems and Mobility

Smart grids, virtual power plants, renewable forms of energy: Discover new ideas and solutions for tomorrow’s power market at the world’s biggest energy trade fair. Come into contact with the leading industry experts and witness innovative technologies from across the globe. Technologies which your company can take advantage of to benefit fully from the new opportunities presented by the energy boom.

Main sectors:

  • Production, storage & mobility

Energy is generated and either stored or used for mobility

  • Transmission & Distribution / Grid Technology

Power is transmitted over the network and delivered to the factories

  • Transmission & Distribution:

Energy is distributed and controlled in production / industry


Digital Factory:

Digital Factory is a Leading Trade Fair to use Integrated Processes and IT Solutions in the industry. For more information look at the event,s page in our website.


Industrial Supply:

There is a demand for industrial processes and end products to become more efficient and durable. At the same time, the networked factory of the future requires smart workpieces, components and systems that can be seamlessly integrated into an intelligent manufacturing process. Innovative supplier solutions are called for.

New materials and process technologies, more efficient lightweight construction and innovative components and systems: at HANNOVER MESSE, suppliers demonstrate their cutting-edge solutions. Come to the world’s largest industrial trade fair and discover innovative solutions for industrial supply chains while networking with top decision-makers from your sector.


Research & Technology:

What was dismissed as science fiction yesterday is within reach today. Experts from science and industry will be coming together at HANNOVER MESSE to lay the foundations for visionary products and applications. Take a look at the future with them: from adaptronics and bionics to nanotechnology and organic electronics.

Research and development are the key pillars of the economy. From the smallest particles of nanotechnology to giant bionic robots that have adopted Nature as their role model, this wide spectrum is made possible by a variety of disciplines joining forces. This results in new opportunities and possibilities for all sectors. You'll be inspired.

Representatives from all areas of science, industry and politics will be gathering at Research & Technology. Make the most of this unique combination and lay the foundations for future success. You’ll discover how to overcome the challenges of the energy turnaround, how to benefit from high-tech surfaces and how to use transport robots.

For further information, please visit the official website at

Hannover Messe
Messegelände, 30521, Hannover, Germany

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