21-23 Mar 2017
Dubai , United Arab Emirates
Dubai World Trade Centre

This event has ended
CABSAT is Africa’s biggest cable, satellite, broadcast and communications event for this fast growing lucrative industry. The region’s larg media and broadcast market , making CABSAT’s networking and sourcing platforms a must-attend event for digital media professionals and investors.CABSAT is showcase for a variety of products from well-known brands and advanced solutions from the electronic media and communications industry. CABSAT features daily keynotes from global experts and award-winning industry professionals. CABSAT is an event and I like events...
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CABSAT’s industry segmentation areas are:

Acquisition and Production including:

  • Cameras & Camera Equipment
  • 3D
  • 4k/UHD Solutions
  • Workflow / Production Software, and Solutions
  • Motion Capture
  • Sports casting
  • Lighting & Grip
  • Studio & Set

Content Management & Systems including:

  • Automation and Workflow
  • IT Networking Infrastructure
  • Systems Integration
  • Digital Media & Digital Rights Management
  • Cloud Broadcasting/Storage
  • Encoding & Decoding
  • Content Security and Encryption

Post Production including:

  • Workflow Software and Solutions
  • Animation and VFX
  • Editing Software and Services
  • Subtitling and Captioning
  • Formatting & Conversion
  • Audio / Radio including
  • Audio Equipment
  • Audio Production and Post-Production – products and services
  • Audio Automation
  • Digital Radio (DVB)

Satellite Communications:

  • Satellite Operators
  • Satellite Network Providers
  • Satellite Communications and Technologies
  • Satellite Equipment
  • Receivers and Transceivers
  • Transmission Services
  • Broadcast and Satellite Services
  • Vsat Services
  • Broadband solutions
  • F.T.T.H (Fiber to the home)

Content Delivery & Digital Media:

  • Set top boxes
  • Antennas / Transmitters
  • Test & Measurement – Products and Services
  • Fiber Optics

Visitor profile:

Visitors at CABSAT 2016 will include:

From Satellite:

  • Telco’s
  • Satellite Carriers
  • Broadcasters
  • Government Ministries and National Security
  • Regulators
  • Mining, Oil and Gas
  • Maritime
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Network Designers
  • Senior Government Officials
  • IP & Broadcast systems integrators

From Broadcasting:
  • Broadcasters – Filmed Entertainment
  • Sportscasters
  • Film/Cinema/TV
  • News
  • Content Owners and Distributors
  • Ad Agencies and Media Houses
  • Radio/Music
  • Regional Network TV channels
  • Digital Media & Media Agencies
  • Cable / Satellite Operators
  • Telco’s

From Filmed, Audio and Digital Entertainment including:
  • Production – Filmed Entertainment TV
  • Production – News
  • Production - Sportscasting
  • Production – Film/Cinema/TV
  • Production – Radio / Music
  • Post Production – Filmed Entertainment TV
  • Post Production – News
  • Post Production - Sportscasting
  • Post Production – Film/Cinema/TV
  • Post Production – Radio / Music
  • Live Event and Entertainment Production
  • System Integrators
  • Media House/Media agency
  • Distributor / Agent
  • Advertising and Design
  • Software and Hardware
  • Publishing - Print and Digital Media
Dubai World Trade Centre
Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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